Taffer Turns Around Artful Dodger

Jon Taffer Turns Around Artful Dodger in Bar Rescue In 2006 after losing his job in sales, Mike Conforti, used all of his savings to buy Artful Dodger, a nightclub in Huntington, NY. Artful Dodger became one of the first bars in the area to feature DJs and dancing; thriving for the first 5 years. At one point sales reached $50,000 a month but as the local Huntington bar scene grew, Conforti’s lack of standards to maintain the bar sent customers to the competition.

Despite the great market, Artful Dodger is so tired and rundown that it fails to attract the young wealthy locals.  Everything is ripped apart and there is gum stuck to the seats, everything is filthy and there is a rancid smell of piss. Customers are swatting flies away as well as being served them in their cocktails.  How does a business go from successful to this, asks Taffer. Pure neglect!

Therefore, Jon Taffer brings in Phil Wills and Jessie Barns to whip the staff into shape. Phil immediately gets to work demonstrating a true shake in order to bind the ingredients of a drink together instead of rolling or dumping. Jessie challenges them to make cocktails while facing a slew of issue that they might face on a typical night behind the bar. With the new concept and the implementations of good service standards, good brands, quality recipes and a quality experience the new venue is sure to succeed.

P’s & Q’s Auto Body is mysterious and cool; it intrigues the customer who wants to know what is inside. Once inside customers will find a classy and sophisticated bar modeled after throwback flare of the 1920’s. Six weeks after the relaunch sales are up 30% and Conforti  and Gordon finally realized that they have the tools and the drive to make the bar a success.  

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