Taffer Turns Around Characters Quarters

Characters QuartersIn 2010 after relocating to North Carolina, Long Island born Guy Wavra left the real-estate business and opened a character themed bar with financial help from his mom and stepdad. Guy’s sister was hired as a server to complete the family affair. 

Between Guy and his parents that have over $350,000 invested in Characters Quarters. Upon opening the bar drew crowds curious to see the concept. Cashing in on the curiosity the bar was bringing in $80,000 a month. However, Guy’s inability to adapt his menu to his new southern surroundings sent customers to the competition. Character is currently losing $3,000 a month and the tempestuous relationship has left both the business and the family on the brink of collapse.

Guy finally decides to call in Jon Taffer to help rescue his bar. Upon arrival with experts Russell Davis and Chef Brian Duffy in tow the team gets right to work training the staff, revamping the bar and diffusing the hostility between the family of owners. Taffer sits down with the family to go over the ideas for the new concept. He explains that they need to embrace the south in order to appeal to the locals.

Based on the Prohibition history of North Carolina, Moonshine and stock car racing (which came from running moonshine), Taffer has provided a concept for their blue collar southern audience, Moon Runners Saloon. However, Taffer didn’t just rescue a bar he rescued a family. Four weeks after the relaunch the bar is up 40% and they are very positive that they are going to make back the money they invested sooner rather than later.

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