Taffer Turns Around Cliques

Management at Klicks Bar & Grill

Fort Bragg in Hope Mills, NC is one of the largest U.S. Army’s military bases; boasting a population of 57,000 military personnel and 11,000 civilian employees. Cliques, a bar run by former Marine Todd Harr is just 13 miles down the road. When Todd acquired Cliques in 2009 it was successfully run; catering to the thousands of people working at the base. Then in 2011 Todd was deployed overseas.

With no one to take charge, Cliques success became a thing of the past. Todd returned six weeks later to a failing bar. With the bar spiraling out of control, Todd becomes angry and aggressive with his employees; he blames his staff and takes no accountability to his own failure. Clique is losing $4,000 a month and is $140,000 in the hole. Todd is less than six months away from waiving the big white flag and surrendering if things do not turn around.

Jon Taffer steps in with his team to assess the problem areas and get to work turning the bar around. The proper training was given in bartending, cooking, and customer service. However the biggest problem at Cliques was not the childish name or the bad bartending; it was the egotistical attitudes. Attitude and behavioral changes needed to be made by all.

Acknowledging the military theme that Cliques was so pitifully far from, Taffer came up with a concept that will have the service men and women’s dollars overflowing the cash register. Taffer launches, 22 Klicks Bar & Grill; military lingo for kilometers and Fort Bragg is 22 kilometers from the bar. With a genuine military theme Klicks sales have skyrocketed. And if Todd continues to play his cards right he will be out of debt in no time.

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