Taffer Turns Around Dimples

The first karaoke bar in America is situated just four miles from Hollywood in Burbank, CA. Owner Sal opened Dimples – a Hollywood themed Karaoke bar named after the Shirley Temple movie – in 1982. Dimples became the hot spot for locals and celebrities making approximately $85K a month. However, as Dimples grew so did Sal’s Hollywood memorabilia collection. 

Dimples is failing to bring in a younger, livelier crowd sending the bar into a downward spiral. Currently down 50 percent, $250K in debt and retirement in the near future, Dimples is on the verge of its swan song. In order to save the bar before its last curtain call world renowned bar consultant Jon Taffer steps in to save America’s first karaoke bar.

However, one of the major factors contributing to the issues is Sal’s sexual objectification of the female patrons. By making all of the female customers uncomfortable in front of other patrons sends them heading for the door. In addition, because of the memorabilia taking over the bar, necessary repairs and upgrades were neglected leaving the bar in dire need of improvements.

Taffer brings in not just two experts but three for this Rescue. He also knows that in order to do America’s first karaoke bar justice he needs some extra time - adding an extra day to the redesign. Working closely with Dawn Sinko, lead designer, they make sure that the ceilings are raised to create better sightlines, the sound booth is properly designed and the bar has the proper storage and coolers. In the end Taffer and his team give Dimples the much needed upgrade and properly trained the staff for their encore.

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