Taffer Turns Around the Dirty Rooster

Bar Rescue Training

In 2013, best friends Rob and Steve embarked on a mission – owning and operating a successful bar in Antioch, Illinois. Lacking the proper funds to help kick start the bars motor and get it up and running, Rob and Steve brought in mutual friends Scott Lopes as a silent investor. Once their feet were wet, all three men were ready to set sail and named the bar the Dirty Rooster.

With the bars new found notoriety and a wave of booze flowing, Rob celebrated his status by overindulging himself and his friends at the bars bounty. Soon Rob’s irresponsibility and erratic behavior turned the Dirty Rooster’s reputation from a beloved local watering hole to a washed up dive.

Now, with over $110,000 invested into the bar, Scott and Steve make it clear that they want to take full responsibility of the bar as majority shareholders and relieve Rob of his management duties. Even though Rob blew it as a manager, Taffer wants him to stay and work in the kitchen to pay back his dues.

Taffer turns the Dirty Rooster into the Lake Marie Lodge and all three owners decided to keep their stake in the bar and not sell out to a management investor. Six weeks after the re-launch food and beverage sales are up 70% and Rob is running the day-to-day operations sober.

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