Taffer Turns Around The Hammer

Bar Rescue The HammerLocated in an industrial area one mile from the famed Las Vegas Strip sits The Hammer. Opened in 2010 by Chris Sarrett and Mitch Watson, two classically trained chefs and best friends. The Hammer quickly became the after work watering hole for the blue collar workers.  When they first opened they were making approximately $25,000 a month. But in 2011, a severe case of pneumonia landed Mitch in the hospital. He was out of work for 3-4 month after almost losing his life.

With Mitch out Chris became overwhelmed with the day to day tasks of the bar and the business began to suffer. Once Mitch finally returned things were so bad that they are only six months from closing their doors for good. Chris desperate to keep the bar open wrote and emotional letter to Jon Taffer asking for help.

Taffer answers Chris’s letter by showing up at the door…that he struggles to get though. Taffer quickly realizes that his biggest task will be fixing the partnership in order to fix the bar. Chris and Mitch are incapable of communicating. In addition, they are both trained chefs that are putting out food that is completely unacceptable.

In the end, Chris and Mitch have transformed themselves by humbling up and realizing that separately they will fail but together as a partnership they can go on a quest for perfection and they can be successful. Once renovations are completed Taffer is happy to reveal Hammer & Ales.

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