Taffer Turns Around Libadas

Libad'sBarry DeMelo gave his retirement to his daughter Jessica in 2005 to purchase Libad’s. Upon opening, Libad’s enjoyed early success as the only watering hole in the seaside fishing town. The bar’s kitchen run by Jessica and David’s cousin Lenny flourished. However, Lenny hit some personal problems and unexpectedly took his life. After the family tragedy, Jessica and David decided to close the once thriving kitchen for good.

Libad’s lack of food sent customer to taster haunts. In addition the losing the revenue generated by food the over pouring by the bartenders is contributing to the loss. It was estimated that the bartenders were giving away just under $100,000 in liquor a year. There are no procedures in the bar and Jessica is not running this business it’s running her.

Taffer bring in Peter O’Connor who works to train the underperforming bartenders and challenge the successful ones with a variety of new Rum and Whiskey cocktails that will pair well with the new food items that will be created in the newly opened kitchen. Looking for the bars untapped food potential Tony Gemignani has been called in to fire up the kitchen. In addition, Jessica promises that her number one goal is to manage the businesses expenses and get back on track.

After the 36 hour renovation process, Jon reintroduces the staff to Libad’s Seaside Tavern. Jon added six new tables that previously didn’t exist in the bar. Each one of the chairs is worth $10,000 a year. One month after the relaunch, drink sales have doubled and food sales are bringing in $3,500 per month.

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