Taffer Turns Around Lickety Split

Bar Rescue In 2003, former Philadelphia detective, Tom Gaylord, who spent 20 years in the force, retired and bought Lickety Split. But Tom’s 27 arduous years in law enforcement began to take a toll on him and as the drinking got more out of control, so did Tom’s behavior.

Lickety Split, which sits on a very busy city block, really isn’t doing anything outside to stimulate capturing potential customers walking by. And the signage inside the bar is even worse; insulting the customers that happen to make the mistake of entering. Inside the bar the drinks and food are terrible. The drinks have derogatory names and the pizza is greasy and has a funny smell to it. With Jim’s Steaks across the street, one of the most famous and best cheesesteak operations in Philadelphia, it’s no wonder Lickety Split sales have plummeted.

Lickety Split is a 3,000 square foot two story space with a bar upstairs and a second bar downstairs with a display kitchen. Taffer needs to create two separate brands; one for the first floor and one for the second to capture customers. Taffer brought in expert mixologist Phil Wills and pizza expert Frank Pinello to help train the staff. Taffer and his team turn Lickety Split into Alleged Bar & Pizza and 2nd State Lounge.

For Alleged, Taffer move the kitchen so that people on the street can see the cooks tossing pizza dough in the air; creating excitement and energy. The bar upstairs is a hats off to the founding fathers of Philadelphia; keeping some of the historic elements that the bar already had. At the relaunch the new bar did $1,200 in one hour! 2nd State Lounge is flourishing and Tom has continued to seek help for his issues.

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