Taffer Turns Around Rocky Point Cantina

Rocky Point Cantina Bar Rescue In 2010, Fran and Mary Massimiano bought Rocky Point Cantina, a Mexican themed bar only a few block away from Arizona State University, as a retirement investment for their two sons Scott and Jason. With no prior experience, Scott mismanaged the bar from the start. Now, Rocky Point Cantina is now losing up to $10,000 a month and Fran and Mary have depleted their retirement; currently $1.5 million in debt.

Jon Taffer decides to send in his team Russell Davis and Tiffany Derry in to confront the owners, picking apart everything that they are doing incorrectly before he even decides if the bar is worth saving. A laundry list of blatant disregard, health code violations and animosity insures as soon as Russell and Tiffany enter.  Once Taffer decides to help he makes Scott clean the feces infested bathroom to prove that he is here to help and turn around the business.

Taffer gives the family an ultimatum to bring in a manger to run the place or he can’t help them.   Fran, Mary and Jason agree even though Scott is not happy about it. Taffer brings in Steve Lynch as the new manager along with three new bartenders and two new cooks.  Taffer then decides to change everything and make the center bar the most important asset to the space.

In the end, Havana Cabana Bar & Grill launched with a new interior design, cocktail and food program and management. Six weeks after the relaunch the bar has been bringing in up to $6,000 a night and Steve continues to train Scott as a general manager.

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