Taffer Turns Around Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill

Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill

Yonkers, New York is divided into two vastly different economic parts; South Yonkers and North Yonkers. Straddling the line lies the failing Undisputed Sports Bar & Grill. The owners, Brian and Miguel, are currently $120,000 in debt due to their lack of communication and dangerous clientele.

“The only undisputed thing about this bar is that it sucks,” Jon Taffer assures his recon staff after staking out the bar. The back of house staff is not properly trained, there are absolutely no systems in place at the bar and the lack of security brings in clientele who scare away respectable, money making customers. To make things worse communication is a major issue and if it doesn’t improve this bar will go under.

The cook, Marcos, is trained by Chef Aaron McCargo in the kitchen and Russell Davis makes the cocktail menu more sophisticated. Taffer then took the dark exterior of Undisputed and turned it into a brightly lit, welcoming business in order to keep the thugs out. A new draft beer system, $90,000 of refrigeration and 3 POS systems were put into the newly renamed SOYO for South Yonkers.

Six weeks later after the relaunch, SOYO has turned into the hottest spot in Yonkers. The bar has attracted the correct crowd who are happy and comfortable during their stay. Brian and Miguel have continued to support each other and they are working as one.

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