Taffer Ups the Tempo at Rhythm & Brews

Rhythm & Brews

Established as New York’s 5th Burrow, Staten Island is home to a community of over 55,000 with housing prices ranging from $600,000 to $1.5 million. Occupying a corner on one of Staten Island’s busiest boulevards rests Rhythm & Brews, a beat down bar boasting little bravado or appeal to the wealthy breed on the Island. The bar is invested with bikers who do not respect the owners or the staff.  After $700,000 went into put into the bar, car repossessions, foreclosures and Stu’s strike of homelessness, the three brothers finally made a call for help.

There are many problems Taffer faces when attempting to rescue this bar. The bartenders lack training; there is no drink list or wine at the bar. The kitchen is disgusting and the freezer is filled with insolation. The owners are not tough and let the tough clientele walk all over them and to top it all off the bar has a complete disconnect from the market.

Taffer brings in renowned bartender Kate Gerwin to hold trainings and Chef Josh Capon brought in to train the cook.  Erik, Steve and Stu were instructed to keep the bikers out of the bar and with difficulty the three manned up and did just that. Taffer transformed Rhythm & Brews into a high class cheese and wine bar called 5th & Vine. The bar was redone so that guests will perceive value which makes it easier to get them to spend more. 5th & Vine has a lengthy wine selection, cocktails and a menu of small bites that is to die for.

Six weeks later, things are going great for 5th & Vine. The bar now fills up every night. Sales have increased by 60%. There are no bikers that are let into the bar and a strictly enforced dress code was implemented. The guests of 5th & Vine are nicely dressed and classy. Stu is no longer homeless and the brothers have never been closer.

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