Taking the Revelry Outside


During the hot summer months patrons find an outdoor setting invigorating and smart owners know that pools, patios and rooftop spaces can add an immense amount of value to a venue. However, owners quick to jump on the bandwagon instantly learn the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of taking the revelry outside.

Embracing the great outdoors requires planning to ensure form and function are in sync and to deliver the best guest experience possible. Nightclub & Bar checked in with expert Terry Plotkin from RT Furniture and Design, a premier hospitality furniture design and fabrication company, on what owners need to know before taking the leap outdoors.   

What measures can owners take to combat weather?

By using only 100% solution-dyed acrylics and dri-fast foam so that water runs through the material with ease and dries quickly. These materials help combat mold and mildew to extend the life of your furniture. An added bonus of solution dyed acrylics is their resistance to stains as well as being fade resistant from the sun. Also, you must use appropriate wood such as Ipe and Teak.

Rehab Pool Oustide Space
Rehab Dayclub at Hard Rock Hotel 

How do you maximize your outdoor space?

Bottle service furniture is the biggest revenue driver for dayclubs, so make sure that you have lots of revenue producing furniture such as cabanas and daybeds and less lounge chairs. Intimate seating is not a huge concern at an outdoor pool.

How do you extend the use of your outdoor space into early fall or year round?

Luckily, in Las Vegas our pool season is 8 months out of the year, March through November, so it is not a huge problem for us. Once the weather gets cooler, dayclub season is over. Harrah’s in Atlantic City, however, got very creative to combat their weather by enclosing their pool in a dome lending it to be great year round for the pool and taking it a step further by making it a nightclub pool party at night, giving you The Pool After Dark.

HQ Dayclub Oustide Space
HQ Dayclub

How can you make your outdoor space more appealing and visible to guests?

It’s all about the design of the space. At a dayclub, it’s very important for people to be able to move freely. We help our clients prepare for crowd control by creating a custom design floor plan based on the pool. There should be lots of functional cabanas. This year, we debuted a daybed prototype at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas that has drawers and a safe for guest’s storage needs as well as an iPhone charging dock. The daybed also comes with a movable umbrella. We recommend using solution-dyed acrylic fabrics in beautiful, bright watercolors such as blues and aquas. Blues are very peaceful and tranquil and you want that at an outdoor pool.

Should your outdoor space have a different design or feel than the interior?

Yes, because the interior of a nightclub is completely different than that of a dayclub. Nightclub furnishings are made of materials such as leathers, irons and marbles. Basically, nightclub and dayclub furnishings have the same purpose but the materials used are different.

Venus at Caesars Palase Oustide Space
Venus at Caesars Palase

What are three key factors owners should keep in mind in regards to design and practical functionality of outdoor spaces?

1.       Revenue is definitely number one. Owners should think about what layout and design is the best for bringing in the most dollars.

2.       Owners should purchase high quality furnishings that will last them a minimum of five years, depending on the venue’s traffic and season length.

3.       Owners should make sure to protect their investment by taking care of the furnishings and materials they purchased with daily thorough cleanings and regular maintenance.

What venue is a great example of an outdoor space with good traffic flow and appropriate furniture and seating arrangements?

Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. One look at this space and you will understand the importance of creating a custom design plan based on the pool, or pools in this case. Rehab is the largest pool in Las Vegas and can draw crowds upwards of 9,000 people on their busiest days. Despite the huge crowds, the space has plenty of flow with a great multi-level layout. When designing for a pool like this the placement of the cabanas and furniture is key. By replacing most of their lounge chairs with daybeds and sectional seating they are able to generate maximum revenue.


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