Targeting Key Customers Groups at VIBE Conference

The competitive environment for restaurants continues to be difficult.  But don’t worry; VIBE Conference has the challenges that you face in 2013 covered.  Take Warren Solocheck, Vice President of Client Services at The NPD Group, Inc., session for example – Building Sales By Targeting Key Customer Groups.  

Solocheck notes that “the industry has been flat in terms of visits for the past two years” and he doesn’t forecast a lot of growth in this area for 2013. In essence, in order to grow your business, you are doing so at the cost of someone else. Therefore, you need to take steps to enhance “your overall strategy by understanding - who your customers are, what they like and their preferences.”

Recently, more promotions and LTOs have resulted in greater fragmentation and less loyalty among restaurant visitors. To accelerate sales, restaurants must begin targeting and communicating with key user groups with differential messaging surrounding beverage and food preferences. A single message to a broad audience is no longer as effective as it once was. 

During his VIBE session, Solocheck will discuss the key differences in beverage and food preferences among key user groups: Those aged 21-34; 35-49 and 50+ years old. He will tackle:

  • How are these groups similar and how are they different?
  • Does gender play a role across any of these buyer groups?

Based on the findings presented in this session, attendees will be able to better understand key differences specific to each of these groups in use of spirits and wine by variety and brand, the consumer selection process, and what each group would do if their preferred brand was not available.

The findings are based off a combination of syndicated database information and custom proprietary research that tracks food and beverage purchases at restaurants, including the why’s and why not’s of choices customers make. “Consumers are thinking more about how to spend their discretionary income; therefore their decisions become harder and value becomes more important” states Solocheck.

Therefore, in order to prepare yourself for the fluctuations ahead, make sure to attend this informative session that tackles the latest information about restaurant concepts, menu activity and food trends that drive greater sales from your key customer groups.

For more information on Solocheck’s session, the show or to register, visit


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