TheSix Bust Out of Bottle Service

Nightlife can be a means to an end or for some a great career. It can also be a trap. People who got into the game to finance careers or studies often find themselves addicted to the money, the glamour, the lifestyle. Everybody wants their job but few understand that it isn't as easy as it looks.

The successful servers must be more than pretty faces. They must establish client lists and be able to have a conversation with successful patrons. Some make a few thousand a week while working towards careers where financial expectations are far less. For some hanging out with the sleek set, celebrities, movers and shakers never gets tiring and it becomes impossible to leave nightlife behind. However, it’s a young person’s game and at some point you need an exit strategy.

Enter TheSix: A half a dozen beautiful, fun and sharp bottle service waitresses that decided to come together to make their next move. They have begun launching a series of underground “One Night Only” pop-up parties using their collective knowledge and contacts, which started last Sunday, June 22.


Photo By Zandy Mangold

Their first event took place at the defunct club in NYC’s Meatpacking District and was packed with a hot spending crowd. The location was kept secret until the last few hours and everyone was clamoring to get in. They hope to product up to 10 events a year and take the concept to other cities. We caught up briefly with TheSix (Alexandria Murphy, Ivanka Naydenova, Mariya Dekhman, Christina Donato, Stefanie Ross and Lizz Ariosto) as they contemplate their next big bash.

Nightclub & Bar (NCB): Tell us about the core group of girls and their nightlife experience.

Naydenova: TheSix have been in the nightlife business collectively for over 10 years.  Combined we have worked in NYC, LA, Vegas and Miami, giving us a vast array of experience in all realms of the industry.

NCB: What are the future plans for One Night Only events? Will the group expand to other girls?

Murphy: The future plans for ONO and TheSix is to take the popup brand from city to city. We’re planning on 8-10 a year for events such as Sundance, Superbowl, Art Basel, Coachella, etc.  Ultimately, we would love to go international.   It’s important for us to establish ourselves as TheSix as well as our brand One Night Only.  We began as TheSix and will remain TheSix. 

NCB: How has bottle service changed over the years?

Murphy: The concept of bottle service originated as something for the few but now it's for the masses.  Now there is little focus on the clients themselves, but rather the credit cards in hand.  

NCB: When you guys were growing up what were your career or life expectations? Did nightlife push you away from your dreams, or was it a financial mean to getting there?

Dekhman: We all come from different walks of life.  Some were originated in fashion, journalism, real estate, and accounting.  Nightlife has done an amazing job at allowing us the financial flexibility to pursue our interests. 

NCB: Tell me what you would say to a new girl about to be a bottle server?

Donato: My advice would be to treat it as a business and not a lifestyle.  The key to success in this industry is building personal relationships for your future objectives. 

NCB: What are owners doing wrong and what are they doing right?

Ross: Every owner is different in how they operate their business. There is no right or wrong in nightlife, but maintaining consistency and executing your personal concept is the road to success in my opinion. 

NCB: Is the bottle service business model drying up or is it still the model for the foreseeable future?

Dekhman: There is a happy medium between the days before bottle service and the current state of nightlife.  We hope to reach that medium. 

NCB: What are your futures? Does being a bottle server have an expiration date?

Naydenova: Our future as TheSix is to grow our brand and make One Night Only a household name.  As far as the shelf life of a bottle waitress, that's a personal choice for each individual working in the industry.

NCB: Is bottle service like stewardess jobs from the madmen era?

Naydenova: This question can also be asked to any female in business not just nightlife. Bottle waitresses are unfairly pigeon holed into this category.  

NCB: How do you manage your finances in the nightlife business?

Donato: Like any other career you have to manage your money efficiently.  Unfortunately for some, quick cash is their downfall.  However, concerning TheSix, we have been fortunate enough to be responsible with our finances and be able to be the sole investors in One Night Only.

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