Tips on Promoting Bottle Service

Bottle service promotions can dictate a guest’s experience and, more importantly, determine if they’ll come back to your venue. It’s your job to make their bottle service experience stand out. After all, even when bottles are part of promotions, these patrons are paying good money to be treated like VIPs. Rob Casillas, president/founder of the Monsoon Group of Las Vegas, says planning a truly unique bottle service promotion takes anywhere from 30-45 days, but it can also be pulled off in a couple weeks, if demand is there.

• Create a bottle service area. “The only reason people purchase bottle service is for the experience. They want to stand out and be noticed,” Casillas explains.

• Coordinate with alcohol brand reps and distributors for sponsorship support. They can help with promotional materials and products.

• Make bottle service exclusive and in-demand: add roses or other flourishes as decoration or light candles for ambiance, and feature promoted bottles on high-quality menus, Casillas recommends. Also, be sure to have security personnel in the area; this avoids “crashers” and ramps up the exclusive feel.

• Special events such as DJs and celebrity appearances bring bottle service clients to a venue, but other promotions work just as well. Casillas suggests bottle service packages for bachelorette and bachelor parties or birthdays, for example.

• Know your demographic and what they’re drinking. “Country bars can promote Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and tequilas, whereas in dance and electronic music venues [you should] showcase vodkas,” Casillas says.

• Don’t be afraid to comp. “If I comp a bottle of vodka to bring in a group of 10, how fast will it go [before they buy another]? And what do you think those 10 people will be talking about on Facebook all week or month?”

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