TJ Quills/AnneX

Nestled between two large universities, TJ Quills, is run more like a frat house than a legitimate business. The entire staff is made up of owner Darian Blanchard’s best friends and they seem to be unaware of how bad TJ’s is failing or just don’t care. Currently, $500K in debut, most of which Darian borrowed from his mother, and continuously losing $4-5K a month, TJ’s is only three months away from closing its doors for good.    

The bar also has a reputation for serving underage patrons and not properly checking IDs. The bar has been raided by the police and is on the brink of losing their liquor license if there are any more indiscretions regarding underage drinking occur. Heated battles break out between Jon Taffer and the staff when he confronts them about their complete disregard for the proper etiquette of running an establishment and their female clientele.

Taffer brings in master mixologist Elayne Duff and chef Brian Duffy to turn this rundown underage binge drinking establishment into a college hot spot that properly capitalizes on not only the fun young patrons in the area but the profits it can obtain as well. After weeding out the troublesome staff, TJ Quill’s was ready for a big change.

Jon Taffer and his team took the college theme and created the AnneX where the drinks are named after famous novels. This provides the surrounding clientele with something familiar that they can relate to. Also with the help of the team, AnneX employees have a new found sense of pride in themselves and in their bar. They are committed to properly checking IDs and creating a fun atmosphere for the ones of legal drinking age.

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