Tools for Success: Newsletters, Seminars and Whipped Cream

gaz reganRobert PlotkinBartenders who don’t already regularly get the missives sent out by gaz regan and Robert Plotkin are missing out. These two barmen work different ends of the business: gaz focuses on the philosophical and creative workings behind the cocktail, its history and evolution, while Robert labors in the operational fields of pour cost and applications. They’re not exactly yin and yang and certainly not Tweedledee and Tweedledum — more like Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of Rome (because they’re so old, mostly). Sign up for both newsletters: Bar Profits at and Ardent Spirits at

In the no comment department: The world’s first alcohol-infused whipped cream in a can is now available. Whipped Lightning, called “whipahols” by the producer, is a shelf-stable “tasty topping that can dress up any drink,” the producers say. Amaretto, spiced vanilla, tropical passion, chocolate, cinnamon and other flavors are available at about 18 percent alcohol by volume.

It’s the last chance to sign up for the “Successful Beverage Management” in Las Vegas this April 27, led by Robert Plotkin and yours truly. Attendees will learn how to reduce costs by preventing internal theft and waste, track sales productivity, analyze pour costs, control inventory and effectively manage payroll. Sessions will provide advanced strategies for increasing beverage sales by enhancing drink quality and appeal, smarter pricing, premium product use, improving guest service, taking advantage of beverage trends, increasing effective in-house marketing and building repeat business. Wirtz Beverage Nevada is footing the bill for all qualified attendees, though they must register first. For more info or to register, contact Robert Plotkin at [email protected], call Wirtz Beverage at (702) 699-8851 or visit See you there.


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