Top 6 Tips for Running a Successful Bar

Tips for Running a Successful Bar

The strategies behind running a successful bar or nightclub go far beyond slinging drinks across the bar. Keeping a close eye on everything from inventory management and liability issues to food safety and promotions is necessary. We’ve got the tips and tricks to keep your bar or nightclub running smoothly.

1.      Monitor Pours

There’s a reason why jiggers are used in bars across the country.  Not only do they keep the pours and drink consistent but they help prevent spillage and eliminate over pouring and wasted product.  

2.     Train to Upsell

By properly training your staff to upsell, your profit margins could sky rocket and drastically affect your bottom line.  Rather than asking what a customer wants, offer suggestions or frame unique beverages as temporary specials.

3.     Take Liability Seriously

While the possibility of liability issues arising cannot be completely eliminated, owners can dramatically reduce the odds by paying attention and taking some basic steps to manage risk. Slips and falls, intoxicated patrons and altercations can seriously damage a venues good standing.

4.     Host Profitable Promotions

Weekly, monthly and seasonal events and promotions help to bring in new customers and keep regulars interested. In order to increase traffic and make that register ring throughout the year your bar or nightclub needs to focus on promotions that you are guaranteed to reap the benefits of. The more you plan, the easier and more successful your promotions will become.

5.      Eliminate Food Safety Concerns

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s ServSafe program lays out the rules that every employee in the bar, no matter what his or her role, should be trained in. Creating and following check lists to make sure that your employees are keeping themselves and your customers’ safe is a best practice that should be implemented.

6.     Monitor Inventory

Inventory is money; and accurate tracking of profit margins and turns on inventory is imperative. To put things in perspective, think of inventory as money sitting on your shelves. The longer the product sits on the shelves the higher risk for employee theft and spoilage.


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