The Top Guest Experience Articles of 2019

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The Barbershop inside the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Image: David J. Crewe

Nightclub & Bar’s Five Pillars, the five major areas of business on which operators should focus, drive our commitment to providing you with helpful, informative articles.

Among our pillars is the Guest Experience. If the guest isn’t put first, if you don’t deliver on their expectations and blow their minds through stellar service, they won’t return. The operators who succeed in 2020 will be those who keep up with shifting guest preferences and deliver incredible guest experiences.

The articles below are the most popular Nightclub & Bar Operations articles of 2019.

Operators must contend with industry disruptors like delivery, giving people a reason to leave the comfort of their homes rather than opting for the convenience of ordering whatever they want to eat and drink via their phones. The expectation for 2020 is that operators will face even more challenges than they’ve faced in 2020.

Absolutely nailing the guest experience will be crucial to success next year. The articles below are the most popular guest experience articles from 2019, and they can help you and your team dial in your service.

5 Tips for Handling Negative Restaurant or Bar Reviews

It’s an unavoidable part of operating a bar, restaurant or nightclub: you can’t please every guest. What you can do is your best to recover gracefully to protect your business.

Eatertainment is the New Nightclub: How Guests are Changing Nightlife

Convenience isn’t just about delivery and letting guests customize anything on the menu. Guests have shown they want to spend their nights out at a venue that offers different experiences as the evening progresses, and they prefer it to be close to home.

Speakeasies with a Twist Surge in Popularity

Nightclub & Bar contributor Kristine Hansen shares how the speakeasy trend, once declared dead, still has a strong pulse. “Recent bar openings flaunt a speakeasy theme again—but with a new twist. They are showy and designed to impress but also feature layers that aren’t always visible the minute you walk in,” she says.

Do More with Your Front Door: The Portal to the Guest Experience

Think about your front door. If you were walking up to it, how would you feel? Impressed? Welcomed? Confused? Underwhelmed? Your front door isn’t just a door.

Don't Forget Your Generation X Guests

Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z easily grab a lot of media and business attention. But an influential generation with money to spend is often overlooked.

How to Make Women Feel Welcome: Avoid Pinkification

Operators can promote to women without stereotyping and going offensively, alienatingly over the top to market to them.

Menu Engineering Made Easy

If you’re not refreshing your menu, you’re not refreshing and re-energizing your guest experience. Menu engineering and redesign doesn’t have to be difficult to pay off big.

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