The Top Operations Articles of 2019

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Over the course of several months, we’ve been introducing you to Nightclub & Bar’s Five Pillars, the five major areas of business on which operators should focus.

Among those pillars is Operations, the nuts and bolts of your business: opening a venue, negotiating leases, managing finances, expanding to a multi-unit or multi-concept operation, and much more.

The articles below are the most popular Nightclub & Bar Operations articles of 2019.

As we welcome the start of a new decade, these articles and the information contained within can help you prepare for big changes predicted for 2020, give you an edge over the competition, and make next year your best yet.

These are the Bar & Restaurant Trends to Watch in 2020

Several Nightclub & Bar contributors and speakers have predicted the top trends for next year. Will their predictions be proven correct in 2020? We can’t wait to find out!

8 Tips for Surviving the Coming Restaurant Apocalypse

Contributor and Nightclub & Bar Show speaker Donald Burns has a stark warning for operators about the reality of the industry in 2020. But he also has several tips for surviving what he has dubbed the Restaurant Apocalypse.

Death & Co., Brand Development & Expansion Using Non-Traditional Funding

It only makes sense that the hospitality industry is changing—our guests, society as a whole, and tech innovations are transforming everything else. An intriguing change is how operators can find funding from unique sources.

How to Get Your Weekdays to Not Suck

FreeRange Concepts went from a single-unit to multi-concept operation in just 11 months. One secret to their success? Capturing the attention—and dollars—of guests on weekdays.

4 Steps to Regain Control of Your Bar or Restaurant

As Donald Burns says, “You have to draw a line in the sand and set the standards where you want them. Then, they must be followed as if Moses himself bought the tablets down from the holy mountain and proclaimed them as commandments.” Put your foot down on your standards for a strong 2020.

5 Tips for Surviving Slow Times & Protecting Your Money

Every operator knows they’re going to face slowdowns, times that threaten to have a negative impact on revenue. These tips will help operators deal with the times that guest traffic goes from a flood to a trickle.

How Thoughtful Bar Design Improves Operations

Bar and restaurant design is about much more than just aesthetics and ambience. Industry icon Tobin Ellis shares the mistakes operators must avoid, best design practices, and a design trend to consider.

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