Topa Spirits Announces West Coast Product Launch of PiscologA-a Pisco

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Topa Spirits, LLC, a new importer and wholesaler of pisco, is proud to announce the west coast launch of Piscología, the company’s core brand. Piscología is the 2010 Gold Medal Winner of the 8th Annual Cona-Pisco National Pisco Competition of Perú, and is currently featured at George’s at the Cove in La Jolla, Calif. and other trendsetting restaurants, bars and retailers on the west coast.


“The market is ripe for Piscología pisco and we look forward to seeing how mixologists across the U.S. will continue to put their own unique and creative spin on this classic, Peruvian brandy,” said Meg McFarland, vice-president.

Piscología® Pisco is a distinctive, full-bodied brandy produced exclusively in Perú. Made purely from a harmonious blend of Quebranta, Torontel and Italia grapes, its signature taste calls to mind the savory flavors of matured dried currant and banana. Also celebrated for being uniquely fragrant, Piscología Pisco Acholado exhibits the alluring and pleasant aromas of honey, pecans and orange blossom.

Although new to the U.S. market, Piscología has already been praised by some of the nation’s premiere mixologists.

"With flavors of tangerine, honey and white pepper, Piscología delivers a complex character that stands alone as a sipper or supports any mixed cocktail,” said Frankie Thaheld, mixologist at George’s at The Cove, an innovative Southern California restaurant recently featured on The Food Network. “It is well crafted and superior to any pisco I've tried thus far. I am looking forward to educating my guests on the intricacies of this lovely Peruvian brandy and challenging it to break out of the mold of the pisco sour."

“Peruvian Pisco is a bit scarce up here in the northwest, and mercifully Piscología arrives on our shore!” said Jay Kuehner, local spirits connoisseur and master cocktailer at Sambar, voted one of the best bars in the U.S. by GQ magazine. “Supple and highly aromatic, fruity and floral, the acholado is ideal for a traditional sour but goes way beyond to accommodate a vast range of mixological tricks. Nicely done.”

Recognized as the national spirit of Perú, pisco has been made increasingly popular in the U.S. by South American residents and Americans who’ve traveled to the continent in recent years. In fact, pisco exports to the U.S. increased 39.2 percent in 2010 alone.

“We’ve had a tremendously positive response from restaurateurs, retailers, mixologists and consumers on the west coast,” said Krystle Hicks, vice-president. “Pisco is this year’s ‘on trend’ spirit and we’re excited that Piscología is already being featured by some of the nation’s most celebrated mixologists and venues.”

To help kick off the brand’s west coast launch, Topa Spirits will hold Pisco Parties on Feb. 19 at Bistango Martini Lounge in Spokane, Wash.; Mar. 12 at Pollo Inka in Gardena, Calif.; and on Mar. 26 at Pisco Latin Lounge in San Francisco, Calif. For more information about these events, visit

Recipes and product information are also available on the site. Follow Piscología on Facebook and Twitter for cocktail ideas, contests and breaking product news.

Piscología is currently sold in stores in Washington and California. Online purchasing is also available. For interviews, product photos and other requests, contact Krystle Hicks at [email protected]


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