Topping the Scene with Reinvention a Marquee NY

Marquee NYC will reopen tomorrow January 16th after extensive renovations which are to bring this Big Apple incarnation up to speed with its Vegas offspring.  Marquee, Las Vegas was by all accounts the most successful nightclub in the US, topping Nightclub & Bar’s 2012 Top 100 list. It generated more revenue and created more buzz than any other venue like it.

However, for years Marquee NY was the big kid on the block. It made money. It had cache. It was a celebrity playground like no other. But by the time the Vegas Marquee opened the luster had faded and the NY club scene had moved elsewhere. Avenue became the new hot spot, then LAVO, then PH-D and finally Marble Lane.

As operators tend to spread their wings and open multiple venues, for reasons of economy of scale, figuring out how not to compete with one’s self becomes an important part of the business plan. Jason Strauss and partner Noah Tepperberg have seemed to master this strategy. Many believe that you would have to be a pretty serious individual to go up against the brands that they have created and what they have achieved. The renovation of Marquee NYC is sure to be another one for the books.

Strauss and Tepperberg brought in partners that include Andrew Goldberg, Rich Thomas, Wass Stevens, Jon Schwarts and  Paul Goldstein among many others for this renovation. As the group prepares to re-launch the club they have looked beyond the traditional revenue generators of bottle service and are capitalizing on other avenues of revenue and experiences for their guests, ultimately separating them from their competition and their other venues.

The Group is certain that they can capitalize on this venue by creating specific nights that attract a lively crowd with cash to spend. However, in terms of their overall strategy for the venues they operate in NY their marketing team will be able to steer patrons into other venues on specific nights by diversifying what they offer.   However, you can expect to see top notch DJs spinning in the upcoming months including DJ Vice, who will be in the booth for the grand opening and Dubfire on Friday, January 18th.

After million dollar investments these savvy operators know the business is a marathon not a sprint. Patrons will keep coming back year in and year out adopting their favorite night and once in a while visiting others. The New York Marquee will shoot to the top ten minutes after it opens. A strategy of nuance programming that favors some crowds over others will ensure a longer life.

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