Name of Club: Touch
Location: Orlando, Fla.
Ownership/Parent Company: Blend Concept Group
Square Footage: 3,000
Capacity/Seats: 350
Open Date: March 4, 2011

TouchTouch is one of the newest night clubs located in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Before the doors even opened, they did an amazing job with their marketing. They incorporated every marketing tool possible to assure the teaser campaign went well to create buzz about the venue Orlando has been waiting for. Touch is a multi-faceted venue that has been able to introduce a concept that is not only unique but also brand new and has not been utilized in any other market. They have given social interaction a new meaning. Incorporating technology from Touch Taste Technologies, they allow the end users to communicate with each other through the touch tables. Different users in VIP can strike up interesting conversations with patrons sitting at other VIP tables with just the touch of a finger. Patrons can use one of the pre-scripted phrases or they can pull up the digital keyboard and type their own messages. Patrons can also order their cocktails and bottle services through the table as well. Each cocktail as well as bottle has a full description letting the patrons know the differences between the different champagnes and spirits helping them make a wise decision. The touch tables have also incorporated classic games such as tic-tac-toe or spin the bottle so patrons can interact within themselves.

Aside from the social interaction utilizing some of the latest technology, Touch has two bars that incorporated LED lighting under the actual countertop. Touch is able to display scrolling messages under the counter as patrons stand at the bar waiting to receive their cocktail. The other option Touch has utilized the LED lighting for is consumer interaction. As patrons place their hands on the bar, it lights up at any point of contact and the LED lighting follows the consumers hand as they swipe it across the bar.


Touch has the ability to adapt to any event. The venue is fully customizable and nothing is permanently fixed in the venue. The venue can be utilized for doing special events such as concerts all the way to events such as wedding receptions. It continues to maintain a clean and classy atmosphere using some of the latest in state of the art technology to assure patrons receive an experience like no other.

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