Touchscreen Entertainment Companies Unite as AMI Entertainment Network

Bristol, PA, June 3, 2009 – Merit Entertainment and Rowe International, two pioneering companies in touchscreen entertainment, have merged and expanded their reach with the formation of AMI Entertainment Network, Inc. The new, suburban Philadelphia-based company now offers complete entertainment solutions for any venue through its Rowe, Rock-Ola, and Almotech jukeboxes, Megatouch game systems, Games Warehouse skill-with-prize games, and video entertainment.
Each AMI Entertainment Network associated brand independently provides top-quality content to patrons and value to the locations that feature them. When networked together, these synergistic brands reach their maximum potential, offering entertainment options that cover games, music, and video while also creating unique advertising opportunities.
“Our diverse content is experienced by millions of patrons each month and delivers a captivated audience to which advertisers can market,” said Mike Maas, AMI’s president and chief executive officer. “With our wildly popular Megatouch games, huge licensed digital music library, custom television programming and advertising through and our expansion into emerging technology like touchscreen PC’s and mobile devices, the possibilities are endless.”
AMI Entertainment Network supports emerging media in the consumer market, such as touchscreen PC’s and mobile devices. In recent months the company has released several popular Megatouch game titles for play on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch platforms. This new area of growth, envisioned as a promotional vehicle for coin-op space, enables the AMI Entertainment Network to evolve full circle. For example, porting Megatouch Photo Hunt to iPhone elevates brand awareness, and drives more play on coin-op games in all locations.
“We want to make AMI Entertainment Network the go-to company for touchscreen entertainment,” said Maas. “A tavern needs a jukebox with tons of great music or a video game system to entertain customers. A kid wants the best iPhone app or cool game for his touchscreen PC. An advertiser wants a way to reach millions of people in an interactive way. That’s AMI Entertainment Network,” he continued. “It’s 360º, connected and delivering everything entertainment.”

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