TouchTunes' Annual Valentine's Day Survey Brings Surprising Results

Love is in the air and on the minds of bar-goers nationwide as the country gets ready for Valentine’s Day. In less than a week, more than 120,000 people across the United States participated in TouchTunes Interactive Networks’ third annual Love Survey, sharing their opinions on love, sex and the big V-Day.

Conducted by TouchTunes Interactive Networks across 50,000 digital jukebox screens nationwide, the survey, which began on Feb. 1, asked bar-going men and women ages 21+ to weigh in on the topic of love by answering questions about sex, dating and relationships.
Top results from TouchTunes Interactive Networks’ 2012 Love Survey include:
Music and Entertainment:

• Bar-goers are having amazing sex! Twenty-nine percent of men and women said “Amazing” by Seal is the song that best describes their sex lives, followed by Rihanna’s kinkier “S&M” at 25%.
• Breaking up is hard to do, even if you’re rich and famous! Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher shocked 31% of voters with the break-up of their marriage, followed by Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries (27%), Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (24%) and Katy Perry and Russell Brand (18%).
• Jon Bon Jovi's still got it! Twenty-nine percent of women named Bon Jovi the sexiest man in music, beating out Usher (26%), Blake Shelton (24%) and Justin Timberlake (21%).
• Rihanna might not be the “Only Girl (In the World)," but she is the sexiest! Twenty-nine percent of men surveyed voted Rihanna as the sexiest woman in music, while People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2011, Jennifer Lopez, laid claim to the hearts of Americans ages 40+ who voted her as the sexiest.

• Most important quality in a relationship? Honesty and trust (46%) overwhelmingly outranked all other choices as the most valued relationship quality, followed by hot sex (27%), sense of humor (17%) and money in the bank (10%).
• Nearly half of all participants (47%) have cheated on a partner, with an even split between men (47%) and woman (46%) who fessed up to not being faithful in relationships.
• While most claim to not care, only 14% of Americans plan to spend V-Day alone. For those who have plans, 29% will spend the day with a special someone, while 25% will spend it with friends.

Dating Deal Breakers:
• Bad breath is the No. 1 dating deal-breaker! Bad breath was voted the top dating deal breaker overall (29%), followed closely by a lack of skills in the bedroom (27%) and bad manners (27%).
• Music matters! If poor oral hygiene is in the genes, those looking for love may want to go after the 50+ crowd, who found bad taste in music (28%) to be the top dating offense.

TouchTunes Interactive Networks, the leading out-of-home interactive entertainment network in North America, kicked off the Valentine’s Day Love Survey in tandem with the release and promotion of its updated Love Songs playlist. The survey and playlist promotion is running on TouchTunes’ nationwide network of digital jukeboxes through today.

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