"Toward Liquor Control" Now Available for Purchase Online

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Center for Alcohol Policy (CAP) is excited to announce the republication of Raymond B. Fosdick and Albert L. Scott’s Toward Liquor Control, which has been out of circulation for more than 50 years. The book is now available for purchase online through the Center’s Website, www.centerforalcoholpolicy.org. It is also available as an iBook through Apple’s iBookstore, as a NOOK book from Barnes and Noble and will be available soon in other popular e-book formats.

In 1933, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. commissioned Fosdick and Scott to study alcohol regulation and prepare America for the return of legal alcohol and its regulation following the passage of the 21st Amendment, which ended Prohibition. Toward Liquor Control provided guidance to policymakers as they set up regulatory systems for alcohol and much of that framework still exists today.

“The republication of Toward Liquor Control is an opportunity for today’s citizens to understand many of the origins of modern alcohol regulation in the United States,” said CAP Advisory Council member and former police chief and alcohol regulator Jerry Oliver. “As Prohibition was coming to an end, this book was one of the key documents influencing how the country would deal with alcoholic beverages going forward. Its content is just as important today as when it was written.”

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. notes in the foreword of the book, “If carefully laid plans of control are not made, the old evils against which prohibition was invoked can easily return.” The following report by Fosdick and Scott advised how to avoid returning to the excesses of the pre-Prohibition era and corruption of the Prohibition years and provided the template for alcohol control policy that the states ultimately followed.

The CAP has republished Toward Liquor Control with permission in order to provide those interested in effective state-based alcohol regulation with a historical perspective and an understanding of why the system remains important today.

Toward Liquor Control reminds readers of the challenges associated with alcohol, sales and consumption before Prohibition and how today’s state-based regulatory system was established to encourage responsible alcohol consumption and promote competition while maintaining public health and safety.

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