Tres Agaves Launches Tequila Video Series

Tres Agaves, an award-winning tequila and organic mixer company — in collaboration with, an online resource for all things tequila — has announced the upcoming release of Tequila Academy, an adventure-travel video series about the people, land, techniques and traditions that come together to produce 100% agave tequila. The series dovetails with the March 1 launch of Tres Agaves Distillery Tours, a series of four-day, three-night hosted trips to some of the most celebrated artisan distilleries in the Jalisco region of Mexico, including El Llano, Tres Agaves’ own distillery.

Tequila Academy takes place in the distilleries, agave fields, and neighborhood bars of Jalisco. It is the brainchild of Tres Agaves & Portal A Interactive, the San Francisco-based viral video team whose online hits total more than 15 million views. Videos include 2 Legit 2 Quit – a campaign video for San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee featuring MC Hammer,, Twitter founder Bizz Stone, and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson – as well as Don’t Stop Believing, White Collar Brawler, and Nice Little Wednesday.

For many viewers, Tequila Academy will be a first-ever insider’s glimpse into the town of Tequila as well as what it takes to produce pure, 100% agave Tequila. The show challenges popular misconceptions about Tequila as merely a party spirit, which defines Tres Agaves’ mission: to educate people on the heritage, craft and varieties of 100% agave Tequila.

The first of Tequila Academy’s eight 3- to 5-minute episodes takes viewers on a journey to Guadalajara with Nate & Kai, our series’ hosts, as they search for the ultimate margarita (spoiler alert: they don’t make margaritas in Mexico). From here, the video weaves through the agave fields of Jalisco to El Llano, one of the last remaining independent distilleries in the town of Tequila.

The viewer will also get a back-door look inside Mexico’s venerable Tequila regulatory agency the CRT, sit field-side during a charged Chivas soccer game, and be educated on Tres Agaves tequila by fourth-generation Master Distiller and former Tequila mayor, Eduardo Orendain, who details the process from agave planting and harvest to distillation and bottling.  The video also includes the local priest’s comments about Tequila, sin and salvation.

The first episode of Tequila Academy can be viewed on Jan. 20 at 3:33 p.m. PST at

Tres Agaves Distillery Tours

On March 1, Tres Agaves will kick-off the first of a series of four-day, three-night public distillery tour adventures to the Jalisco region of Mexico. Guests will fly into Guadalajara, stay in Tlaquepaque and visit the town of Tequila, where they’ll tour a handful of artisan distilleries. Accompanied by a seasoned tequila expert, guests will learn about, taste and enjoy some of the world’s finest 100% tequilas. Public bookings for Tres Agaves Distillery Tours will commence on Jan. 20 and will be handled by The Cabo Agency, a leader in packaged tours to Mexico. Bookings can be made at


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