Two Reasons (or More) to Take the Top 100 Survey

Why should you take the 2011 Nightclub & Bar Top 100 survey?

Two reasons: To grow your business and to grow the nightlife industry.

First, your business. One of the best ways to grow your nightclub, bar or lounge is to see how it stacks up against other operations. Of course, you can nose around the neighborhood and make a quick assessment, but fact-based benchmarking against a broader sample of venues will provide you better insights. How does your venue rank regionally and nationally? What are the sales trends and which features and services are available and driving revenues at other nightlife hot spots?

What’s more, wouldn’t you like the bragging rights that come with ranking among the top operators in the U.S.? Think of the marketing opportunities with patrons and the clout you’ll have with supplier partners and other businesses.

Second, the nightlife industry. Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 is the only research-based listing of top-performing nightclubs, bars and lounges. “So what?” you say. Well, by quantifying the size and strength of the industry, the Top 100 list proves that nightlife is a viable and vital economic engine. As a growing industry that is important to the local and national economy, nightlife deserves a seat at the table when business, community and government bodies converge to make important decisions.

The bottom line is that the more data Nightclub & Bar and our partner Technomic can collect about the industry, the better we can all understand its drivers and give you insights to help you grow your business.

Click here to take the survey today, even if you think you may not make the Top 100 list. We hope to collect enough data to release rankings by region or type of concept, but we can’t get there without your completed survey.

Help us help you. Take a few minutes to take the Top 100 survey. But hurry – it closes Dec. 1.

Did I mention that the Top 100 venues are published in the magazine and on, and celebrated with a lavish event during the Nightclub & Bar Show? Yeah, we know you like a good party….

See you in Vegas!

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