TY KU SAKE SILVER: The New Face of Premium Sake

New York, NY (February 14, 2011) - TY KU Premium Asian Wine & Spirits proudly announces the latest addition to its innovative and highly celebrated portfolio of sakes, TY KU Sake Silver. This exciting new offering promises to change the face of traditional Japanese sake with its exceptional quality, smooth flavor profile, and contemporary style. TY KU Sake Silver is a modern update of the best of ancient craft brewing techniques for the next generation of sake drinkers. Expertly brewed in the heartland of sake, Nara, Japan, TY KU Sake Silver is a premium Junmai which represents the top 15% of all sakes in the world. Offering an unprecedented value, TY KU Sake Silver delivers the superior taste and quality that only authentic, imported Japanese sake can provide----but at an affordable, domestic price point.

TY KU Sake

Premium sake, like TY KU Sake Silver, is one of the purest beverages on the planet, made from only four all natural ingredients. Utilizing pristine iron-free water, specialty Akebono rice polished more than 30%, famed #901 yeast, and handmade koji, TY KU Sake Silver is expertly brewed for the refined palate. The entire TY KU Sake portfolio including TY KU Sake Silver is 100% free of glutens, tannins, and sulfites and lower than wine in acidity, resulting in a ‘Wiser Way to Drink,’ and rapidly converting wine drinkers en masse.

TY KU Sake Silver has a fresh, slightly sweet taste with subtle pear notes; its rich flavor is soft and silky on the palate. Although it naturally complements fresh fish including sushi and other Asian cuisine, TY KU Sake Silver has a well-rounded body that can be paired with a wide variety of lighter Western cuisine.

TY KU is the fastest growing premium sake portfolio in the world, and is leading the way in education, breaking the stereotypes and misconceptions of sake being served only hot and limited to Asian restaurants. Lower quality sake, served in many restaurants, is heated to mask the impurities and undesirable flavors, generating common sake misperceptions. TY KU Sake Silver is the opposite: an extremely versatile drink best enjoyed like white wine---chilled in a wine glass---or as the perfect base in premium, low calorie cocktails, such as a Sake Sangria.

Presented in the iconic TY KU bottle, the sleek silver packaging represents the quality, uniqueness and craftsmanship of TY KU products. Enjoy TY KU Sake Silver at your favorite bar, restaurant, or home. TY KU Sake Silver is the recipient of the prestigious Five Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. Available in full bottle (720ml) and half bottle ---“TY KU for Two” (330ml)


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