Ultimate Beverage Challenge (UBC), Announces Results

Ultimate Beverage Challenge (UBC), announced the results of the annual Ultimate Cocktail Challenge (UCC) held at Astor Center in New York City, June 4 – 8, 2012. Ultimate Cocktail Challenge encompasses two distinct competitions – Classic Cocktail Challenge and Signature Cocktail Challenge.

Hundreds of cocktails were tasted and rated over the course of the week to determine which brands would be awarded the coveted Chairman’s Trophy for the top-performing spirits. Led by F. Paul Pacult (Judging Chairman and UBC founder) and Sean Ludford (Co-Judging Chairman), the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge 2012 panel of judges included mixology superstars Eric Alperin, Jacques Bezuidenhout, Tad Carducci, Curtis Cheney, Dale DeGroff, Don Lee, Lynnette Marrero, Jim Meehan, Steve Olson, Julie Reiner, Willy Shine and David Wondrich.

UBC’s Classic Cocktail Challenge assessed how spirits performed as the base of classic cocktails, naming for example the best gin to make a dry gin Martini, the finest tequila for a classic Margarita, etc. Entered brands were tasted in all cocktail recipes for their category. Ultimate Cocktail Challenge results, which are provided by the foremost cocktail authorities, give reliable recommendations for purchasing decisions.

“We believe that UCC ratings provide consumers with the necessary information for the best spirit to use in simple cocktails that they can make at home,” says Paul Pacult. “For our judges, Sean and I carefully selected some of the best cocktail palates in the industry who collectively have tasted tens of thousands of cocktails. We can’t imagine a better panel of judges to taste, rate and vote on the best spirit for a particular classic cocktail. Ultimate Cocktail Challenge is unique in this respect as there is no other competition that looks at spirits in cocktails in this way.

Spirits in Classic Challenge were judged on the 100-point rating system. The highest scoring spirit in each classic cocktail was awarded the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge Chairman’s Trophy.  Cocktails in Signature Challenge were judged on the 100-point scale. In recognition of the individuality of each recipe, all Signature cocktails that scored 90 points and higher were awarded the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge Chairman’s Trophy.

For the complete list of results for both Classic and Signature Challenges, including classic and signature cocktail recipes, click here.


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