The Ultimate Wine Lover's Restaurant: Meritage

Source: Forbes

In an increasingly desperate grab for niche themes, restaurants are stretching business plans pretty thin these days: how many all grilled cheese eateries do we really need?

That’s why it is refreshing (and delicious) to dine at Meritage, a well-established fine dining restaurant in the charming and luxurious (Forbes 5-Star) Boston Harbor Hotel. Well-established at least to Bostonians, who often sell it out, making reservations a must.  Few people I know from out of town have Meritage on their lists, despite years of reliably good – and interesting – dining and drinking. Or is it drinking and dining?

There are other wine-centric restaurants, and many other quality eateries that offer wine pairings with food. But the twist at Meritage, as the wine forward name suggests, is that they do food pairings with wine. The menu is divided not by course, in the typical fashion, but by types of wine. Instead of appetizers you have “Sparklers.” Instead of primi you have “Light Whites.” And so on. Under each wine style you have several options for dishes, all of which on the menu are available as small plates or large plates, so your dinner can be as varied and unstructured – or as course by course traditional – as you choose. To further mix things up, each grouping includes a wide number of wine options, and it is not unusual for the sommelier to offer two different people at the same table having the same dish two different wines. In some restaurants you can look at the menu and then look around and see someone at the next table eating the entrée you are considering. At Meritage, every single table is having a completely customized meal and it is highly unlikely any two orders will be the same on any given night. After all, while many restaurants brag about the total number of bottles in their collection, at Meritage the impressive figure is not the 12,000+ bottles, but rather the staggering number of different wines – nearly 1,400 different wines.

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