Unleash Your Inner Devil at Untitled

Untitled, a four-month old supper club in Chicago, was planning on hosting a masquerade event for Halloween, with the goal to hand out masks to its clientele for a big reveal at midnight. But sometimes what you have planned isn’t necessarily what ends up happening.

Instead, Maxim Magazine and Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut Bourbon “came to us because we have a unique venue compared to everyone else in Chicago,” explains Art Mendoza, the COO of Untitled. After that meeting, Mendoza and his team scrapped their initial plans and started planning for the official Maxim Halloween Unleash Your Inner Devil party sponsored by the magazine and Jim Beam on Halloween day this year. Guests are encouraged to come fully dressed in costume for a chance to win $1,000 cash, their photo on Maxim.com, a signed Kid Rock Guitar and a one year Maxim subscription. 

Maxim and Devil’s Cut Bourbon will be hosting the same party across the country in seven different venues. And Untitled was thrilled about the opportunity. “We have Maxim and Beam behind us. It makes that much easier to get tickets purchased and so forth. It’s a win-win for us,” says Mendoza. Mendoza admits that it was pretty quick, as they were only in discussions for about a month on negotiations.

Currently they are in the process of working with Maxim to create the guest list and Devil’s Cut to come up with the cocktails. The venue will be decorated with promotional materials, but “we don’t want to turn it into an advertising bulletin” says Mendoza. The venue will stay true to its taste and identity—a prohibition and supper club theme—and they’ll work within that scope.  “It’s a supper club not a nightclub. When people come here, it’s live jazz. It’s a different kind of crowd. Its low key and it’s not as rowdy.”

The venue will still have live music for the event. “Most people aren’t having live music [for Halloween],” Mendoza says. “We’ll have a DJ late night, but we’ll have live music beforehand. That adds an element that no one else has.”

“It’s really a big party on Halloween. Unlike everyone else, we’re not doing our party on the Saturday before Halloween. We’re actually doing it on Halloween,” which should be good for business." Wednesday, he adds, is “a good night in Chicago and as a business owner, focusing on Wednesday it helps generate more sales and profitability instead of taking it away from my Saturday, which is already busy.”

Not to mention, Mendoza says, that for the newly established 18,000-square-foot supper club it will let everyone come in and see the new venue. Having the word get out is “good for us. It’s a good chance for us to get new customers and guests.”

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