VAD Vodka Stirs Up The Holiday Scene

Sonoma County, CA (December 29, 2010) - Just in time for the New Year, VÄD vodka stirs up the scene with its launch into the marketplace. Produced by New Age Wine and Spirits, LLC, VÄD (pronounced like the first syllable in “vodka”) is an ultra-premium, triple-line of vodka made in a micro-distillery in Sonoma County, Calif. Distilled from 100 percent pure American winter wheat and created by hand in small-made batches, this vodka has a distinctly unique feature; the patent approved cap serves as a shot glass, a bar jigger or a shot glass rimmer - perfect for creating cocktails. VÄD is the first and only brand in the world to incorporate these features in its packaging.

VAD Vodka

“We are thrilled about our official launch into the spirits world,” says CEO and Founder Will Mentesh. “Because we are a small team, we are able to oversee 100 percent of our production techniques in our micro-distillery, bringing the highest quality of vodka to the shelves.”

The concept for a triple-line of vodka was created by Mentesh with the thought that vodka should be both smooth and interesting on the inside and out. While challenging traditional vodka production methods and packaging, Mentesh and his team came up with three unique vodka creations - VODKA, THRIVE and SYNERGY.

The Varieties
VODKA is an ultra-premium, well-rounded vodka with unconventional smooth qualities. A special recipe slowly passes through an artisan German copper still, completing a five time distillation. Then, the vodka briefly rests in a medium-toast American oak barrel to enhance its already delicate mouthfeel. This process allows the creation of the cleanest, crispest product on the market.

SYNERGY is an ultra-premium vodka with flavorless infusions of caffeine, Guarana (pronouned Gwa-ra-naa) and Ginseng. This vodka was created to bring all the components of an energy drink, without the taste, calories or carbonation.

THRIVE is the vodka that will complement your active lifestyle. Ultra-premium vodka is the purest form of alcohol that can be consumed -- and, less likely to induce a hangover than any other. A special infusion is supplemented to the already uniquely smooth vodka, giving it both a unique flavor and an added benefit for those who choose a healthier lifestyle.

The Name
Even though VÄD is a 100 percent American-made vodka, Mentesh and his team don’t deny that amazing vodka originated from the Russian/Eastern European regions. Mentesh says, “Language from that region sometimes has an umlaut or double-dot over vowels and since we intend our vodka to be nothing short of amazing, we wanted to keep the umlaut alive to pay homage to our fellow vodka pioneers.”

About VÄD
VÄD retails for $29.99 a bottle and is available at Total Wine and Spirits, Safeway and several other retail outlets in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento markets. VÄD can also be purchased online at For more information about products, innovative cocktail recipes and distribution, please visit


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