Varela Imports Forms Partnership with Speakeasy Cocktails

(May 19, 2009 – New York, NY) – Varela Imports is pleased to announce their new collaboration with Speakeasy Cocktails, a creative team of mixologists now onboard to prepare innovative cocktails made with Ron Abuelo, the aged award-winning rum from Panama.
In an effort to create exclusive libations made with Ron Abuelo Añejo and Ron Abuelo 7 Años, Varela Imports has reached out to some of the most talented New York City-based cocktail consultants, Speakeasy Cocktails. The venture has recently been formed under the helm of Miguel Aranda, Marty Vaz and Drew Zechman.
The young, dynamic trio has already created four cocktails and is currently working on extending the list. With mentors such as Bar Chef Albert Trummer and renowned Chef Geoffrey Zakarian as well as years of experience at New York landmarks Town, The Plaza Hotel, The Odeon, The Church Lounge, Taj Lounge and Spa Nightclub, the team is now combining its exceptional mixology skills to bring the Ron Abuelo name directly into the hands of savvy cocktail aficionados. The Añejo Mojo revisits the classic mojito and brings in new flavors (blood orange and egg white). The Cranberry Daiquiri is a sweet delight made with a fresh, homemade cranberry mix. The Rum Raisin-Tea-Ni and the Tropical Peony-Tea-Ni are tea-infused cocktails with specialty ingredients such as crimson raisins, honey syrup and edible flowers. Available at NY hotspots Apotheke and Cabrito and made exclusively with Ron Abuelo Añejo and Ron Abuelo 7 Años, these cocktails are living proof of the successful collaboration between Varela Imports and Speakeasy Cocktails.
Recently the new mixology team attended the WSWA Convention in Orlando, Florida and mixed their new libations for guests of Varela Imports.  Their cocktails were the talk of the show, one of the largest in the industry.
Imported by Varela Imports, Inc., Ron Abuelo Añejo and Ron Abuelo 7 Años are respected brands created from the company’s own sugar cane grown on site. A testament to the history of Varela Hermanos, Ron Abuelo is an authentic dark rum that carries the ultimate values of this third generation Panamanian family distillery: tradition, trust and quality.


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