The Vine (August 2010)

Martini & Rossi Prosecco

Martini & Rossi Prosecco

Martini Prosecco debuts its new packaging, which includes a new label design and a screw-cap bottle closure. Additionally, Martini Prosecco is part of the new DOC classification of Prosecco — the name no longer stands for a varietal but instead a production area made up of nine provinces and two regions; only producers within these designated areas can call their wines Prosecco. Martini Prosecco’s frizzanate style, with softer and less forward bubbles, is good for sipping or served along with cured meets, cheese, fish and fruit.

2009 Lake Sonoma Winery Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Lake Sonoma Chardonnay

The 2009 Lake Sonoma Winery Russian River Valley Chardonnay is a rich, complex and polished Chardonnay. Grapes are from the Russian River Valley, producing a fruity character and natural acidity. The wine was racked into small French oak barrels and aged for eight months, creating fresh apple, pear, lime and vanilla aromas. The lemon and pear flavors are balanced by the hints of caramel and cream that lead to a long, crisp finish.

Little Black Dress Sauvignon Blanc

Little Black Dress Sauvignon Blanc

Brown-Forman debuts the new Little Black Dress Sauvignon Blanc, which is a fruit-forward wine with a crisp, clean palate that culminates with a fruitful aftertaste. Additionally, Little Black Dress is updating its package with a label made with black linen paper to feel like cloth and featuring a picture of a hanger and shoes embossed with white stitching, adding a fashion element to the wine.

Kenwood White and Red Vintages

Kenwood Vineyards Red

Kenwood Vineyards produced its first Vintage White Wine and Vintage Red Wine since the 1970s. The 2009 Kenwood Vintage White Wine brings together Sauvignon Blanc with barrel-fermented Chardonnay and Muscat. The wine has honeysuckle, white peach and honeydew aromas with a hint of sweetness, giving it a long, crisp finish. The 2008 Kenwood Vintage Red Wine blends Zinfandel, small amounts of Petite Sirah, Merlot and Sangiovese. The aromas of raspberry and thimbleberry with a hint of baking spices balance the vintage red, giving it an elegant finish.

Real Sangria White

Real Sangria White

Real Sangria introduces Real Sangria White to the U.S. market. Real Sangria White is a blend of natural citrus fruit flavors and fine Spanish white wine, which has a light-bodied, fruity and refreshing taste. Real Sangria White is best served chilled or added into cocktails. The product is available in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey and New York.

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