Vision Vodka Is Finally Available In NYC and New Jersey Hotspots

NEW YORK, NY (October 4, 2010) – Vision Vodka, the smoothest vodka on the market, is now available at over 50 of the most popular clubs, bars, and restaurants in New York and New Jersey. Vision Vodka, the first true American-made luxury vodka, was launched from Ambition Beverages in May 2010 and the early reception has been overwhelmingly positive with new venues being added every day. Vision Vodka’s name derives from the company’s brand message, “Vision of Perfection,” which is also reflected in the simplicity and opulence of the bottle.

Vision Vodka is ultra-premium vodka distilled from the American heartland’s best homegrown wheat and fresh, clean mountain spring water. Vision Vodka is a result of the highest quality filtration process that is distilled 5 times and utilizes a unique, secret state-of-the-art finishing process, making it the smoothest vodka in the world. Since Vision is so incredibly smooth, this ultimate new luxury vodka is also known for its mixability, with practically no alcohol taste once it is paired with a catalyst. As for presentation, the design and branding aesthetic is luxurious and sophisticated, but not pretentious. The mission was to create a new packaging category leader within the oversaturated vodka space by being honest about luxury and creating a timeless design. The bottle was designed specifically to exude confidence and elegance in its simplicity. Vision Vodka caters to the practical desires of high-end consumers by being competitively priced within the luxury vodka market.

Ambition Beverages CEO David W. Moritz, who also owns the packaging design company Mode Design Group (MDG), created the Vision logo and also designs for major consumer packaging goods brands. Society Creations and Society Awards (also owned by Moritz) designed the Vision Vodka bottle in addition to producing the Golden Globe Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards statuettes to name a few.

“Vision Vodka is simply the smoothest luxury vodka in the world, and once you try it, you can’t go back to anything else,” says David W. Moritz, CEO at Ambition Beverages. “Consumers will soon be able to enjoy Vision Vodka everywhere they go, whether it’s a casual drink at a neighborhood bar or the trendiest velvet rope.”

Vision Vodka, distributed by Southern Wine & Spirits, is currently available in New York and New Jersey, and will ultimately be available nationwide. Retail price is $29.99 for a 1 L bottle.

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