The Wall Street Journal: Celebrating Three New Olympic Wines

From The Wall Street Journal:

The Olympics are upon us. This weekend, an estimated 10,000 athletes from more than two hundred nations will gather in London to test their athletic prowess at the highest level for the 30th Summer Games.

Off the field, among the many innovations and celebrations London has planned is an intriguing development for the oenophile—these will be the first games in the modern era to have their very own Olympic wines.

According to British wine merchant Bibendum, which was tasked by the International Olympic Committee with creating a bespoke Olympic wine, the brief was to produce three wines that "complemented the Olympic ideals, offered consumers something new and interesting, while being low enough in alcohol to promote responsible drinking."

The three wines are a Chenin Blanc from Stellenbosch in South Africa; a rosé, also from South Africa, blended from Pinotage, Shiraz and Merlot; and a red wine from Brazil made up of Shiraz, Tempranillo and Gamay. The 645,000 liters of these Olympic wines will now go on sale at the Olympic Park in East London and at other venues across the country.

English wine producers may well feel a little shortchanged that the host city has overlooked its domestic product. But in its defense, Bibendum points out that the three wines needed to come from the same vintage as the games, which rules out any estate in the northern hemisphere.

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