WET Republic Declares War on Nightlife

We had to stop for a moment when we initially saw the above advertisement for MGM Grand’s WET Republic Ultra Pool as it declared war on nightlife … and then 10 minutes later we still found ourselves staring at the thing. Of course, going after Las Vegas’ nightclub elite is nothing new for Wet Republic — last year’s ad campaign quite simply stated “Nightlife is overrated” — but perhaps this year’s ad campaign is a bit more pointed.

Wet Republic

Never mind that Steve Wynn and Sean Christie’s epic multi-story pool and nightclub space, which is nearing completion at Wynn Encore, is coined Surrender. As “day clubs” continue to hold Las Vegas visitors’ attention, it’s pretty safe to bet more than one VIP host has been left questioning where his high-spenders are. Answer: They’re dozing the night away in their Strip-front suite after spending a day partying in the sun amongst buxom beauties and world class DJs.

The campaign is the brainchild of Angel Management Group, which is the marketing company for MGM Grand’s nightlife division. MGM Grand took over Wet Republic pool last year and quickly implemented the nightlife promotional model of celebrity appearances and headliner DJs with incredible success. This pool season is heating up to be the most competitive yet. Some highlights: the openings of Surrender and Liquid Adult Pool at CityCenter, expanded space and more days of operation for Rehab and smaller, boutique hold-overs like TAO Beach and BARE Pool still operating within proven niches and with a laundry list of loyal followers. And if you’re like us and just can’t get enough of the Nightlife vs. Daylife war advertising campaign, don’t worry, there are more ads to come from AMG.

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