What is Customer Service?

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We spend a lot of time and money on training and retraining our employees about the importance of customer service. But we never really tell them how simple it can be. In fact, it can be so simple it’s mind-boggling. In my 2019 Nightclub & Bar Show seminar, “Customer Service: What is it and Do You Have it?”, I will explain the importance of human interactions in the hospitality industry, how to make your customers happy, and how to improve your bottom line at the same time.

Today’s competitive market has a new type of guest, one that is fueled with information from all directions. Delivering exceptional customer service is more important now than ever. Today’s guests are smarter, more sophisticated, and know exactly what we are capable of. When your employees exceed your guests’ expectations, they are providing what is known as “visibly superior customer service.” The benefit of this type of service is extremely clear once you realize what it is.

Service is the most important thing our industry has to sell. Every time we come in contact with a customer, we make a good impression or a bad impression of the company we represent. These are what we call “moments of truth.” The main challenge to our business is the management of the millions of moments of truth we have with our customers each and every shift, day in and day out.

Guests are at our properties in the first place to spend money. We should not deprive them of that opportunity. Selling simply means expanding guest awareness of what the industry has to offer so they can make decisions that will add enjoyment to their overall experience.

It’s important to remember, in every service opportunity there’s a sales opportunity, and in every sales opportunity, there’s a service opportunity. After all, you can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t sell it, you still have it.

We are not selling products or services: we are selling customer satisfaction. Maintaining a good relationship with regular customers is crucial to the success of your business. By focusing on both sides of service, the technical and personal sides, you can learn to give visibly superior customer service. And the reason outstanding service can have such an impact on your operation is it creates demanding customers.

At Hospitality Consultants, we truly believe we help make the world a better place to eat, sleep, drink, and play because everything we do, we do in the name of hospitality. Join me for this informative seminar and get back to learning, living and teaching the basics of customer service.

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