What's Shakin' in Beverage and Mixology - December 19, 2013

SourSweet Versus Sour: Understanding and Measuring Sourness
Sour tastes are mostly produced by acids, including citric acid from fruits and acetic acid from vinegar. As with sweetness, the taste receptors for sourness are found on the taste buds on our tongues, and our initial reactions to them at birth are hard-wired. But unlike sweetness and like bitterness, we have an inherently negative natural reaction toward sourness. MORE>>

PunchPunch Up Your Holidays
Punch is not just a frilly, frou frou drink for bridal luncheons.  As a matter of fact, the history of punch is colorful, involving both pirates and rogues as well as gentleman and high society dames.  Drinking punch wasn’t uncommon in an everyday bar by your average working class guy and soon bars known as “punch houses” popped up.  Punch, however, was also something on display at fancy parties where guests drank it out of beautiful cups and ornate punch bowls.  You can even find a rum punch in the journals of the first lady Martha Washington. MORE>>

ToastingGlass Half-Full for Adult Beverage Industry?
Will it be a happy holiday for drinks business professionals? Recent economic indicators are somewhat mixed: Consumer confidence is holding at 70 on a 100-point scale and employment is slightly improved, but gasoline prices are inching upward. All of these influence consumers’ willingness to spend money on adult beverages at restaurants and bars as well as for at-home enjoyment. Despite those varying metrics, there’s a lot of talk lately about consumers’ “improved outlook” driving more positive restaurant and retail trends; restaurant same-store sales appear to be improving overall. MORE>>

Jim BeamJim Beam To Add First Single Barrel Bourbon
Beam Inc. is extending its flagship Jim Beam Bourbon with a single barrel edition. Rolling out in early 2014, Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon is the Jim Beam franchise’s first single barrel product. It will retail for around $35 a 750-ml.—around twice the price of the core brand, but about $5 less than Beam’s Signature Craft 12 Year Old, released earlier this year. MORE>>

SKYY InfusionsSKYY Vodka Unveils Two New Flavors
Expanding its innovative, award-winning line of infused vodkas, made with natural ingredients, SKYY Vodka introduces two new flavors: SKYY Infusions Vanilla Bean Vodka and SKYY Infusions Georgia Peach Vodka. These new infusions blend real vanilla beans and succulent, juicy Georgia peaches with SKYY’s premium distilled vodka, creating two vibrant spirits that elevate any cocktail occasion with superior taste. MORE>>

Christmas Cocktails12 Days of Christmas Cocktails
You’ve been shopping, wrapping, decorating and baking for weeks now. It’s time to take a break and enjoy a delicious cocktail. No matter if you’re in the mood for a steaming Hot Toddy or a rich and boozy glass of Eggnog, we put together a list of 12 of our favorite Christmas drinks. Eggnog, we put together a list of 12 of our favorite Christmas drinks.So turn on some carols or your favorite holiday TV special and start fixing a round of drinks. Happy holidays! MORE>>

TechnomicHigh-Priced Adult Beverages Grow On-Premise Despite Overall Slowdown
Premium adult beverages are providing momentum to the on-premise channel despite cautious consumers. Higher-priced spirits and beer categories in particular are growing in restaurants and bars, although the channel is slowing overall according to Technomic's just-released 2013 BarTAB Report. The on-premise channel grew in total volume (0.7 percent) to reach 1.9 billion gallons and sales rose 3.5 percent to $97.3 billion in 2012. Projections call for slight declines in volume in 2013 and 2014, but continued dollar growth. MORE>>

Ultimate Beverage ChallengeUltimate Beverage Challenge - March 10th-14th, 2014
The UBC Challenges are open to all spirits and wines from around the world, regardless if the brand has a U.S. distributor/importer. All entries are rated on the easy-to-understand 100-point scale by panels of judges whose palates and spirits/wine knowledge are unrivaled in the industry. The top rated beverage in each category (whether gin, tequila, red wine or riesling) receives the coveted Chairman’s Trophy. Spirits are judged on their own merits against their peers. Top scoring brands are named in myriad categories such as Best Gin, Best Vodka, Best Rum, etc. MORE>>


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