What's Shakin' in Beverage and Mixology - May 23, 2014

Pink Your DrinksPink Your Drink Cocktail Competition 2014
Rhuby, the only craft rhubarb liqueur from Sweden, is preparing for this year’s annual Pink Your Drink, an all-female bartender competition raising money for the Pink Ribbon and promoting women’s role in the industry. Created in 2011 by Rhuby Liqueur’s founder and owner, Ylva Binder, the competition is now in its third year and bigger than ever. Being held in New York’s Dead Rabbit, London’s Callooh Callay and Magic Bar in Stockholm, it will run during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. MORE>>

Ask a BartenderAsk a Bartender: What's One Bottle That Will Up Your Cocktail Game?
No home bar will ever be as well-stocked as a professional one. But there are some bottles that can let you make dozens of drinks, instantly upping your cocktail game. We asked bartenders across the country: What's one bottle that will expand your cocktail horizons? Here's what they had to say."A base spirit that can instantly change your arsenal is Bombay Sapphire East." MORE>>

Vinegar CocktailA Smoky Glassful, Soothed with Vinegar
I've seen it before, and no doubt I'll see it again, but I doubt very much that I'll ever witness anyone use vinegar in a cocktail quite as well as a certain Calin Ioaniciu, a bartender in Romania. Yes, that's right. Romania has joined the cocktail craze, and if Calin's drink is anything to go by, they're off to a very strong start. Let's take a look at this drink and see how he pulled it off. MORE>>

Weirdest Cocktail IngredientsThe 8 Weirdest Cocktail Ingredients
Foie gras in a Martini. Sugar snap peas muddled with tarragon. More than ever before, we’re seeing ingredients previously confined to the plate making their way into our glass. So we did some digging to unearth a few of the strangest drink additions. The hidden treasures: everything from leafy greens to seaweed to sea urchin gonads. Questionable? Maybe. Intriguing? Absolutely. MORE>>

SidecarCompSidecar by Merlet US Cocktail Competition
Merlet is thrilled to announce the 2014 edition of its US cocktail competition – featuring the most iconic of Cognac based cocktails – The Sidecar! To enter the competition the candidates must provide: a variation on the classic Sidecare, using Merlot Brothers Blend Cognac and Merlet Trois Citrus. MORE>>

Culture Cocktails CompetitionThe Cognac D'USSE 2014 Culture Cocktails Competition
Last week at the bar 67 Orange in Harlem, New York, I helped judge Cognac D'USSE's annual Culture Cocktails competition. The contest pulled six competitors from local Harlem bars and they, friends and neighbors packed into this tiny cocktail bar for the competition. And I do mean packed - the bar's capacity is about 35 people and there were over 60 in the room at one point. MORE>>

DauquiriClassic Cocktails in History: the Daiquiri
Cuba has a very complex past. Most of us only know of it as a Cold War foe of the United States, a very foreign country only a hundred miles away. It has been that way since Castro took power in the late 1950’s. First discovered by Christopher Columbus and claimed for Spain, this small island has been coveted by other countries for its entire history. MORE>>

FlavorAdult Beverages: Shot or Straight, Flavor Reigns
Vodka and tequila remain the favored spirits for shot or straight consumption on-premise, according to the recently released 2014 SpiritsTAB Report, but calls for American and Canadian whisk(e)y have increased since 2013. Driving that trend is the overall shift toward whiskeys and the advent of flavored whiskeys and whiskey-flavored liqueurs including Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Red Stag and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. MORE>>


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