What's Shakin' in Beverage and Mixology - November 27, 2013

MixologyWinners of Auchentoshan Switch Have Been Announced
Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt Scotch Whisky is happy to announce the winners of the 2nd Auchentoshan Switch global bartender competition that literally has the winners ‘switching’ continents for two weeks to work in acclaimed bars in New York City and London. The Auchentoshan Switch North American winner is Michael Webster from Bar Isabel in Toronto, Canada and the European winner is Aidan Bowie from The Blysthswood Square Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland. MORE>>

DrinkPreparing for Your First Mixology Competition
I want to take you through the step of preparing yourself properly for your first Mixology Competition. It is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Standing in front of a crowd is some people's biggest fear and it was mine for a long time. The hot bright lights beating down on you, beads of anticipation dribbling down your forehead and the MC spewing any form of cheap "snake oil" sales pitch to the crowd. It's very daunting and only one of the many obstacles on the path to greatness. MORE>>

Paddy Irish WhiskeyPaddy Irish Whiskey Introduces Two New Flavors
This fall Paddy Whiskey, a 233-year-old authentic Irish whiskey, has introduced two new flavored whiskey blends to its portfolio, Paddy Bee Sting and Devil’s Apple. With the sweet honey taste of Bee Sting and the cinnamon apple kick of Devil’s Apple, both new flavors are smooth, balanced, easy on the pallet and can be enjoyed either on their own or mixed. Just like Paddy O’Flaherty, the larger-than-life whiskey salesman who the brand changed its name in honor of in 1913, these bottles are representative of enjoying life with good friends during good times. MORE>>

BeerTapping Into Craft Beer's Feminine Side
Is craft beer more appealing to women than other types of beer? Given its broad spectrum of flavors and styles and its food friendliness, craft certainly presents unique ways to engage women. The gender-neutral marketing of most craft brands may be another element in its favor. The lack of images involving women either in bikinis or depicted as serving beer to men (or, at worst, bikini-clad servers), positions craft beer as not only approachable and interesting to women, but also welcoming. MORE>>

drinkMaking Cocktails with "Maximum Flavor"
Writer Kevin Liu attended the Maximum Flavor event in Richmond, VA. Here he reports on the food and drink amplified with a touch of science. Kevin Liu likes to drink science and study cocktails. Wait, that's backward. He's the author of Craft Cocktails at Home and his writing has also appeared on Serious Eats, The SweetHome, and Popular Science. I recently had the chance to attend a special dinner put on as a collaboration between Chef Joe Sparatta of Heritage Restaurant and Alex Talbot, author of the just-released Maximum Flavor. MORE>>

Red BullEnergy Drinks Under the Microscope at 'Myth-Busting' IFT Webinar: How Much caffeine are we really consumer, and is it safe?
While the FDA has raised concerns about the recent proliferation of caffeine-containing products on the market, particularly those marketed at young people, new data suggests energy drinks and shots contribute "minimally" to total caffeine intakes, say toxicology experts. MORE>>

Jim BeamBeam Partners With Cinnabon On New Pinnacle Flavor
Beam Inc. has linked up with Cinnabon to create a new Cinnamon roll-flavored Pinnacle vodka. The new product will hit select markets on December 1, with a nationwide rollout slated for January 1. The launch will be backed by a sampling tour targeting brunch and happy hour soirees. MORE>>

HolidaysSweetness and Spice at the Bar for the Holidays
Are there more holiday lights up than usual a week before Thanksgiving, or is it just us? Some consumers, at least, seem to be more than ready to get into the holiday spirit, and restaurant and bar operators are gearing up to welcome them—and everyone else celebrating or seeking a quick break from the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—with a host of spirited seasonal beverages. MORE>>


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