What's Shakin' in Beverage and Mixology - October 24, 2014

Live MUDLMUDL Live 2014
MUDL Live 2014 embodies the pioneering spirit of the MUDL brand as the only exhibition of its kind in SA – a forum in which movers and shakers in the drinks world will come together to show South Africa what they've got. It's all about communicating the concept of Liquid Lifestyle to consumers in an environment that they will enjoy. After all, the buck stops with them. MORE>>

BartenderDon’t Even Think About Calling Your Bartender a Mixologist
There's no denying that cocktail culture can be a little pretentious. With bars charging extra for clear ice, and pairing designer perfumes with mixed drinks, we're more inclined to book it to the dive bar than stand in line and shell out unreasonable amounts of cash for a fancy drink. In the long list of why cocktail bars have earned the reputation of being pretentious, the "mixologist" might be one of the most controversial. MORE>>

MoonshineMoonshine Makes Great Seasonal Cocktails
Is it just me, or is moonshine everywhere these days? Is it the taste or the story that makes it so intriguing? My first foray into the moonshine realm was actually about five years ago during a weekend trip to east Tennessee. My husband and his friends have been renting a chalet together in that area for about 16 years. In time, the group has grown to about 20 people and the party has become an insanely fun, if debaucherous, time. One year, someone fell asleep in a closet....but, I digress. MORE>>

Halloween CocktailsFour Cocktails to Die For This Halloween
Halloween falls on a Friday this season, so lets take the opportunity to celebrate! The universe has given us the chance to make this holiday count. So, pick out your costumes and dress up your drinks with these four festive cocktails! MORE>>

CocktailPortland bartenders talk trends, best new bars, Cocktail Week, what's next: The Cocktail Hour
The past year or so has brought the Portland bar scene the stately elegance of the Multnomah Whiskey Library, the speakeasy enchantment of Pepe Le Moko, the worldly sophistication of Expatriate and the collaborative art of Angel Face, among other spirituous pleasures. With Portland Cocktail Week offering a showcase as hundreds of bartenders flow into the city this week, some of the big names behind the 100 picks featured in Bar Tab — our inaugural bar guide, which concludes Tuesday with a ranking of the top 10 new bars — agree we're in a great place. MORE>>

BooksSeven New Drink Books On Cognac, Sake, Cocktails and More
These are seven newish drink books that have arrived at Alcademics HQ for your consideration. Most of the below descriptions come from the book blurbs and are not reviews, as I'm about 30 books behind on my reading list. Nicholas Faith's Guide to Cognac by Nicholas Faith Nicholas Faith’s Guide to Cognac is a directory supplement to Nicholas’s best-selling book Cognac: The story of the world’s greatest brandy. MORE>>

Pama “Are You Indispensable?” Cocktail Competition-PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, the original, all-natural pomegranate liqueur, announces the second annual “Are You Indispensable?” Cocktail Competition.  The competition is open exclusively to professional bartenders and mixologists. Six finalists will compete in New York City for a Grand Prize of $5,000, a second place prize of $2,000 and a third place prize of $1,000. MORE>>

Haunted bars7 of America's Most Haunted Bars
Plagued by paranormal activity, these seedy establishments host all manner of otherworldly guests, from seaworn sailors and pirates to well-known poets and prostitutes. Feel hairs standing up on the back of your neck as you sip your beer? Embrace those goosebumps and get ready to party hard with history’s spirit-loving spirits, sneaking from the West Village to the Wild West. MORE>>


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