What's Shakin' February 1, 2013

January 2013 Bartender of the Month: Jonathan Pogash
Jonathan Pogash, also known as “The Cocktail Guru,” is one of the most premiere cocktail consultants and bartenders for restaurants and spirit companies. His signature cocktails can be seen and enjoyed in many of North America’s most upscale cocktail lounges and restaurants. MORE>>


Ask a Bartender: Are There Cocktail Trends You Hate?
Just as with fashion or music, trends come and go in the drinking world. Some, most of us would agree, are for the better—greater attention to cocktail programs at restaurants, an increasing number of small-batch producers—but others, we could do without. MORE>>

Bartenders Celebration Contest
As a bartender, you’re part of an exclusive community, a special brotherhood of professionals dedicated to serving fine drinks. www.Liquor.com wants to send you to Ireland to party with your fellow drink-slingers from around the planet at the Jameson Global Bartenders Ball! Just enter the this contest for your chance at a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Emerald Isle. All you have to do is tell us why you deserve to be one of 10 American bartenders picked to represent the US at the Global Bartenders Ball in Dublin. MORE>>

Learn By Drinking: Upcoming Cocktail Classes in L.A.
For the intellectually curious, no doubt our How To Make Essential Cocktails series has merely whet your appetite to the possibilities of all that cocktail know-how can afford you. Apart from turning you into the life of a party, maybe you can use it to pick up chicks/dudes or even open your own bar. Whether using it for good or evil, if you’re looking to learn more and can’t wait to find out how to make the perfect Mai Tai (next up in the How-To series), there’s a BUNCH of cocktail classes available around town and they range from getting schooled by former Library Bar bartender Matt Biancaniello to learning avant-garde mixology to a committing to a pro-level drinks course. But the best part? Homework! MORE>>

How to flame an orange peel and other fire cocktail tricks
Flaming an orange peel’s oil imparts a wonderful burnt orange character that enhances a variety of cocktails. Plus, it looks super cool. The legendary Dale Degroff even flamed an orange peel over Madonna’s Cosmopolitan in the late 80’s at the Rainbow Room in New York- could this have been the start of our present cocktail revolution? MORE>>

In Sacramento's cocktail scene, a nexus of local talent
Mapping the Bay Area's cocktail geography was a relatively straightforward task, with San Francisco and Oakland at the center. How, then, has Sacramento escaped notice? Yes, Sacramento, the state capital. Sleepy, historic and quaint-seeming, it has a surprising influence on the bartending world of San Francisco and beyond. MORE>>

Got the bottle for bartender tricks?
It seems that pouring a drink straight into a glass just isn't the way to do things these days. So many people in Crawley want to be able to serve a cocktail in style that a bartending tricks training school is proving hugely popular. Sam Murphy, of Maunsell Park, in Three Bridges, set up FlairTrix a year ago and on Saturday held the first lesson of the year. Some 30 people took part in the beginners' class at JJ Whispers, on Crawley's High Street, where they were taught some basic skills to impress friends at parties. MORE>>

6 Simple Super Bowl Recipes
Ready to tackle your Super Bowl menu? Whether you're tuning in for the puppies (did you catch this year's Puppy Bowl starting lineup?) or some actual pigskin, we've pulled together half a dozen of our favorite, no-fuss food and drink recipes that will help ensure victory on game day, whether your team takes home the win or not. MORE>>

A Bartender's Guide to Italian Spirits
We are celebrating Italian food at Zagat this week, but to be thorough we didn’t want to neglect the way Italians drink. Italian liqueurs, vermouths and amari are by turns bitter and herbaceous, and refreshing and sweet. Some are best enjoyed on their own, some are interesting and complex cocktail modifiers, and some appear in historic classic cocktails. Where would the martini be without vermouth? A negroni without Campari is not a negroni. MORE>>

Meet your bartender: Chris at Pin & Tonic
There is one place in Southeast Texas where you can have a beer and play laser tag, and that’s Max Bowl in Port Arthur. The Pin & Tonic Bar, all aglow in neon, is nestled just off the lanes and is filled with friendly, karaoke-loving folk.  Beer and bowling have always gone hand-in-hand, but Max Bowl’s recent addition of a laser tag arena cannot be overlooked — it’s like a ticket back to your own childhood, but only the good parts involving hide-and-seek, tag and your rampant imagination. MORE>>

World Class Bartender of the Year Announces Global Final Location
World Class, the world's largest and most credible mixology competition, announced the 2013 Global Final will take place aboard boutique Azamara Club Cruise's ship, Azamara Journey, from 4th - 9th July 2013. Each adding their own unique splash of creativity, dash of showmanship and twist of technique, only the 50 best bartenders will be selected to compete at the Global Final for the coveted title of Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year. MORE>>

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