What's Shakin' October 2, 2012

Boston Cocktail Summit
What you've been waiting for is here at last, The Boston Cocktail Summit Schedule. Filled with fantastic seminars, creative events, awesome tastings and celebrations galore, you're sure to find more than you can fit in your day. MORE>>

Austrian Bartender Declared Tahona Society Cocktail Champion
At the final in Arandas, Mexico, Kaiser, from Dino’s American Bar in Vienna, used Olmeca Tezon Reposado to create the winning cocktail, La Paloma Hegra – a Manhattan-style drink infused with cumin-scented smoke inspired by the late Mexican singer Chavela Vargas. The panel of judges, which was chaired by Tahona Society co-founder Henry Besant, were impressed by Kaiser’s presentation. MORE>>

Master of Mixology Semi-Finals
There was a wealth of intriguing flavor combinations and cutting-edge creativity on display last night at the Wildcat Lounge, where eight bartenders battled for the chance to reach next Thursday’s final round of The Santa Barbara Independent‘s Masters of Mixology Mix-Up. Whether it was blending whiskey with candied figs and a balsamic vinegar reduction or making your own bright blue triple sec and deep red raspberry liqueur or trying to get the judges to suck down shots upside down, the semifinal round offered entertainment, education, and insight into the latest and greatest in the modern world of craft cocktails. MORE>>

London Cocktail Week
London Cocktail Week is a unique celebration of our capital's unrivalled cocktail culture. Through a host of seminars, pop-up bars, tastings, parties and master-classes, aimed at both novices and experienced professionals, London Cocktail Week will inspire, educate and unite cocktail lovers. This year, the festival's events will be held in a concentrated area of London - the historic and beautiful Seven Dials - so come explore and join in the street party atmosphere. MORE>>

Bartenders Battle to Bottle Supremacy
Back in 1988, a boyish-looking Tom Cruise played a character named Brian Flanagan in the movie Cocktail. The movie tells the story of Flanagan's search to find his place in the world and along the way he discovers that one of the things he does well is perform on the business side of a New York nightclub bar. Flanagan also connects with Jordan Mooney, a role played by Elisabeth Shue, but that is a whole other story that includes a guest appearance by actress Gina Gershon playing a character named Coral. MORE>>

Bartenders Battle for a Cause
The bartender: keeper of all our worst secrets and our doctor when daily hangups have us feeling ill. For some reason, they’re easy to take for granted — bullet points on a crazy night out. Oh, the mind it must take to juggle a million drink orders! What grace it must take to dance around, from tap to tap, without spilling a drop! On at least one night out of every year, our local artists of alcohol have a chance to shine: the annual Bartender Shootout at Big Whiskey’s. This year’s event took place on Thursday evening, Sept. 28, at their E. Battlefield location. MORE>>


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