What's Shakin - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Shake It Up! Competition Finalists Announced
The Nightclub & Bar Media Group, producers of America’s pre-eminent beverage, bar and nightclub event, along with Southern Wine & Spirits of America is pleased to announce the finalists that will compete for top honors and $25,000 at the 2013 Shake It Up! Competition. Shake it Up! is one of America’s largest mixology competition and will take place that the 28th Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center NCB Show Main Stage on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. These up-and-coming mixologists will demonstrate skill, flair and creative concoctions by presenting an original recipe to be judged by a panel of the nation's leading mixologists. MORE>>

Gin Connoisseur Program 2013
EWG Spirits & Wine, parent company of the unique G'Vine Gin de France, is proud to announce the launch of the G'Vine Gin Connoisseur Program (GCP) 2013 – the global quest for the world's best gin bartender. Launched in 2010, the GCP has redefined global bartender contests. Today, it is widely seen as one of the bar world's toughest contests. National selections are held around the world and culminate each year in a Finals week of challenges in Cognac, South West of France. Bartenders are tested to their utmost, in a 16th century manor, home of G'Vine. MORE>>

The tyranny of ‘girly drinks’ and other cocktail clichés
We've become accustomed to scoffing at gender stereotypes in many areas of life — and yet, a surprising number of people cling to ridiculous clichés when it comes to drinking. "People say 'girly cocktail' all the time," says Emma Hollander of Trina's Starlite Lounge. Usually, she says, they mean anything pink. But a drink's vessel can set off alarms as much as its color: "Sometimes I will pour a whiskey drink from the cocktail menu into a cocktail glass, and guys will be like 'Can I have a more manly glass?'" MORE>>

Author Schaap Dishes on Cocktails, Tarot: Interview
Rosie Schaap loves bar culture. For her, pleasurable drinking is social drinking; she’s not interested in getting liquored up alone. The serial regular writes a boozy column for the New YorkTimes Magazine and has recently published a memoir about the tipplers and tap houses she has loved called “Drinking With Men” (Riverhead, $26.95). She also slings drinks herself one night a week.  MORE>>

How the Whiskey Sour Became a Maligned Cocktail
If you go into a random bar and order a whiskey sour, chances are the drink you receive will be terrible. The sour mix is usually the culprit. A similar pre-made concoction of sugar and artificial flavoring has ruined margaritas and other cocktail classics, mostly because bartenders are under the impression they're easier to work with. MORE>>

Enter ULTIMATE SPIRITS CHALLENGE, March 11-15, 2013:
The Innovative Spirits Competition That Gives Suppliers Authoritative 100-Point Ratings and Valuable Tasting Notes From the World's Foremost Spirits Experts. Log onto www.ultimate-beverage.com to discover why international spirits experts such as F. Paul Pacult, Sean Ludford, Steve Olson, David Wondrich say that Ultimate Spirits Challenge is the platinum standard of beverage competitions for the 21st century. MORE>>

Speed Rack comes to Texas in the search for America’s fastest female bartender while raising funds to find a cure. New York, NY, January 8, 2012 – Know that song about the stars at night that shine big and bright? Well, the real stars in Texas are the lovely ladies behind bars; shaking up cocktails nightly. And now they're putting themselves to the Speed Rack test. MORE>>

Responsible Bartenders of America
The combined efforts and experience of Philadelphia's own Andrew Wells, Eric Vaughn, and Bob Downey have produced the organization Responsible Bartenders of America LLC (RBA). This group will provide bartenders with access to a variety of insurance programs including but not limited to life, health, accident, auto, homeowner's, renter's
policies. MORE>>


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