Why Good Employees Quit

Good employees are going to quit, it’s just part of the business. You will put time, money and effort into rockstar employees and they’ll leave. It’s as simple as that. You can’t force people to keep working for you.

An expert panel at the Nightclub & Bar Show consisting of Kevin Reimer (consultant to TAO, LAVO, Marquee and Rehab Pool), Jung Kim (SLS Hotel, Sayer’s Club and Foxtail Pool), Scott McInerney of West Coast VIP Gaming and Kyle Richardson of Haven Nightclub shared their views on what makes a good employee and how to do your best to develop them even though they may decide to leave.

As Kyle sees it, a good employee is always there and takes initiative. Jung looks for enthusiasm and tries to recognize which employees have long-term potential. However, the employee is not the only part of this equation. Great leadership is critical if you have a chance of shifting the odds of keeping your best workers to your favor. Scott feels that great employees are looking for a mentor. A good leader, according to Kyle, can manage personalities and makes employees feel appreciated. He’s also all about recognizing and rewarding those who do a great job, and doing so often.

The panel agreed that the number one reason employees leave comes down to leadership, while the second is growth opportunities. Recognizing, developing and keeping good employees requires being a good employee yourself, on the management side.

Motivation – or the lack thereof – is often a reason employees leave. This goes beyond just failing to recognize and reward, this encompasses actions that demotivate your staff. Reprimanding everyone for the failing of one employee is bad for morale. Not being available to or approachable by your staff is an indicator of poor management and can lead to rockstar employees leaving your bar.

Being there for your staff will give you a window into what motivates them best, be it money or a flexible schedule. Find out what each member of your staff needs, deliver it to them (within reason) and the odds are very good that you won’t lose employees to the competition.

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