Will 'Robot Bartenders' Take Off?

Bionic Bar

The futuristic trend of ‘robot bartenders’ has dominated headlines over the past year, with the phenomenon spreading across the UK and US. 

Will demand for so-called ‘robot bartenders’ really take off?

With questions of relevance and many critics claiming they detract from the skill of trained mixologists and produce inferior drinks, nevertheless, there has been an influx in ‘robot bartenders’.  

Here are a couple of the innovative ‘robot bartenders’ on the market.

This artificially intelligent robotic bartender was first unveiled in the US in January last year following a successful crowd funding bid by its creator. The device, described as an “intelligent cocktail vending machine”, is able to dispense up to 25 cocktails while choosing the perfect option for users according to their personal preferences.

Royal Caribbean Bionic Bartenders
The new line of luxury Royal Caribbean International cruise ships set sail with bionic bartenders on board, offering guests a truly futuristic drinking experience. Travellers on the Quantum and Anthem of the Seas ships are able to order their drinks by tablets, which are then be served by robotic arms.

Said to have been “created by bartenders, for bartenders”, the machine has a streamlined design meant for industrial use and easy cleaning. It offers 16 beverage combinations using any smartphone or tablet, featuring four bottles which create the mixed drinks.

AI mixologist TenderOne also claims to have the ability to create a choice of 200 bespoke cocktails at lightning speed, and with incredible precision. Spirits and mixers are dispensed into a shaker separately through different lines and a touch screen computer provides photos and finishing instructions.

Source: The Spirits Business

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