Win Place or Show

Cash strapped and desperate Owner Barry Rogers, a decorated navy veteran, allowed his friend Rudy to invest in his failing bar hoping that it would change its fate. However, it quickly became evident that Rudy has no interest in supporting the bar and is more interested in his music career.

It’s so bad that the bar has never turned a profit since it opened under the shadow of its former hardcore bike bar. Some of the problems Win Place and Show faces include poor menus, flat beer, and horrible branding. The kitchen is filthy and only partially functional and the food is improperly stored and prepared.

In order for Jon Taffer to turn this bar around it needs to be a concept that the local community can embrace. As Jon sets out to give the bar a proper identity that will draw in the local crowds mixologist Jason Bran and Chef Aaron McCargo get to work on training the staff and creating menus that will make the bar money.    

Opening night brings in a huge crowd anxious to experience America Live. The new bar pays homage to the heartland and the abundance of military men and women in the immediate vicinity. With a BBQ themed food menu and a focus on American Whiskey the bar has been set up for success.

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