The Wire (April 2009)

Guitar Hero Arcade

Raw Thrills, Konami & Activision collaborate to bring one of the most popular entertainment franchises to coin-op. The two-player upright Guitar Hero Arcade cabinet is designed to draw fans and players out of their homes and into your venue. Players can select their favorite songs from a library of 50 popular titles. A 32-inch LCD monitor allows them to join the band on-stage with high-definition graphics.

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Lawn Darts

Banned years as the world’s deadliest backyard game, lawn darts is back — but in a safer format, courtesy of Incredible Technologies. Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts, the newest game in the TTP series, brings back all the fun patrons remember from childhood, minus the risk inherent in flinging heavy metal spikes. When scripting voiceovers for Lawn Darts, IT’s designers found inspiration in fond memories of family gatherings past — a heady mix of barbecue, Budweiser and expletives shouted by concerned adults. So, the game’s uncensored Raw Talk option spews adult-oriented epithets with every shot. Raw Talk is an operator-adjustable feature, and players also have the option of disabling it before the game.

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Big Buck Safari Deluxe

This follow-up to Big Buck Hunter transports the players from the woods and mountains of North America to an African safari. Featuring five new big game animals, 15 new breathtaking African hunting sites and 15 all-new bonus rounds, Big Buck Safari offers players plenty of new targets to hone their sharp-shooting skills. A 42-inch LCD display with vibrant high-definition graphics brings this game to life. The new deluxe game is also CoinUp ready and available for online tournaments and game management

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